Marianne Recap: How It All Started

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 15, 2019 (Last updated: November 15, 2023)
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Netflix Series Marianne Season 1, Episode 5 - You Left Her


Marianne Season 1, Episode 5, “You Left Her” provides further context to the story, presenting Emma’s childhood and how all this started.

This recap of Netflix Series Marianne Season 1, Episode 5, “You Left Her” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 5, “You Left Her”, gives us a break from the present day, and reveals Emma and her friends when they were rebellious teenagers. Running away from the priest and his dog, they end up next to the sea discussing Emma’s nightmares.

Aurore has a plan to draw out the spirits that are causing Emma’s nightmares. Emma is tired of the nightmares and wetting her bed regularly at her age. Aurore leads a séance, breaking into their old school. They ask Marianne to show herself, but she only speaks to Emma directly. Marianne transforms Emma, forcing her to crawl inverted, calling everyone virgin w****s.

While at the lighthouse, Emma loses Aurore’s sister Lucie after trying to punish her. Marianne starts playing with them, but Emma believes Lucie is playing a game. As Marianne continues to taunt, Emma finds Lucie dead in a locked up box. Emma is traumatized of events, but Marianne uses Lucie’s talking toy to blame her for the death.

Emma goes to confess to the priest. Due to Marianne hurting people, he advises Emma to leave Elden to protect her family and friends. The priest explains that the best way of leaving is to organize her downfall. The downfall begins — she writes about “The Burden Of Having A Mother”; vandalizes the town and ruins the church. Emma pushes herself out of the town.

We learn why Emma tried to sleep with Seby; before she left the town, he jumped on the bus and confessed his love for her. Before the bus leaves, she kisses him and explains she will come back once she’s famous.

Episode 5 shoots back to present-day and Emma (Victoire Du Bois) asks the Inspector, “how do we kill this b—h?”

Marianne Season 1, Episode 5, “You Left Her” ends with Seby arriving to speak to Emma and Inspector. He tells them that Marianne has taken his son.

Author’s Notes

  • Emma’s mother apologizes for not being enough.

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