Candy Montgomery Had Kids But Their Whereabouts are Unknown – Here’s What We Know

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 28, 2023 (Last updated: March 14, 2024)
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Candy Montgomery's Kids
Candy Montgomery (Credit - People Magazine)

Candy Montgomery and her husband Pat had two children, however very little is known about them, probably due to the nature of the circumstances surrounding their mother. However, due to the media and fictional reimaginings of her life, a lot of questions have been raised about Candy and her family.

A series based on Candy’s life, Love & Death, is a disturbing and twisted tale of secret love. It details the horrible case of Candy Montgomery and the death of her friend Betty Gore in 1980. Betty Gore was found dead in her home on June 13, 1980, having been struck 41 times with an axe. Montgomery would eventually disclose that she had been having an affair with Betty Gore’s husband, but she would be cleared of the murder.

Another series, aptly named Candy, was also released and was based on the same case.

Who are Candy Montgomery’s kids?

In the various accounts of the terrible story, the children’s names have changed. Hulu’s Candy named the children Becky and Jason. The 1990 TV movie, A Killing In A Small Town, called the children Sara and Sean. Other sources call the children Jennifer and Ian, and this has been regurgitated in several sources. The claim seems to have originated on The Cinemaholic, though the article in question fails to substantiate the claims.

It is unclear what age the children would have been at the time of the murder of Betty Gore.

For the sake of privacy, the names have been changed to protect the children after the events that occurred.

Candy Montgomery (Credit – Seventeen Magazine)

Where are Candy Montgomery’s Kids Now?

After Candy was cleared of the murder, the family left Texas and relocated to Georgia. In an article with Buzzfeed News, an anonymous family member talked about the stress that shows such as Hulu’s Candy and HBO’s Love & Death would cause them. It is a criticism that is readily applied to the genre, and there must be some consideration given to the victims and families of people involved in recent cases such as this one. Documentaries may be one thing, but scripted dramatizations of real-life cases can often cause eyebrows to rise, especially if the tone or presentation of characters and events seem off.

There has been a rise in interest in true crime dramas, but when real people are still trying to live their everyday lives after the latest mini-series has finished, you have to wonder about the cost of such a show.

We know that the creators of the show may feel duty bound to present these stories to the viewing public, but when a story such as this, which has already had two versions produced, gets regurgitated again for our entertainment, you must at some point question why. But that may be a different article for another time.

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