Bard of Blood Recap: And You Thought Your Relationship Ended Badly

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 27, 2019 (Last updated: February 9, 2024)
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Bard of Blood (Netflix) Episode 5 recap: "Fight Fire With Fire"


“Fight Fire With Fire” concerned leadership challenges and a tragic execution as the plot begins to pick up steam.

This recap of Bard of Blood Season 1, Episode 5, “Fight Fire With Fire”, contains spoilers. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words and our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these ones.

After the previous episode’s last-minute revelation that Jannat (Kirti Kulhari Sehgal) is an informant to Shehzad (Jaideep Ahlawat) and the ISA, Bard of Blood Episode 5, “Fight Fire With Fire”, opens with Nusrat (Abhishekh Khan) discovering the tell-tale satphone in her room. When challenged, she tells him he’s alive because of it, but he insists she’s a betrayer — for which he receives a slap.

Unaware that Jannat has already tipped Shehzad off about their plan to sabotage an ISA pipeline at Gwadar Port, Kabir (Emraan Hashmi), Veer (Viineet Kumar Singh) and Isha (Sobhita Dhulipala) only have ten minutes to complete the mission. But the rushed job makes for a fun set-piece in “Fight Fire With Fire”, and its implications have an effect on everyone. The BAF look like prime suspects in the attack, which prompts a leadership challenge, while the Taliban begin to panic. Shehzad, however, recognizes Kabir from the security footage.

At the BAF leadership meeting, Jannat’s husband Qasim (Shamaun Ahmed) makes a clear bid for power, but he’s overruled after an impassioned speech by Jannat convinces the other leaders to allow power to remain with Nusrat. The BAF agree to help Kabir take out Mullah Khalid (Danish Husain).

Now that the IIW is aware of Kabir’s unsanctioned operation, Joshi calls him and, after a heated exchange, asks him what he needs. He says they need a way out of the country after the Mullah has been taken care of. Kabir, being reasonably intelligent, also determines that Shehzad is the one hiding the Mullah. Thus, he goes to Jannat.

Bard of Blood Episode 5 takes a tragic turn when it becomes clear that Kabir isn’t the only one who wants to catch up with Jannat. Shehzad is able to get the drop on her with the help of Abida. He calls Kabir so he can hear his love being executed.

Intelligence Brief:

  • Chinese negotiations with Pakistan are breaking down because of the Taliban’s expansion into Kech.
  • The hostages attempt another escape during their transport.

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