Skylines Recap: How Much Is Your Loyalty Worth?

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 27, 2019
Netflix Series Skylines Season 1, Episode 2 - Skyline Shine


Skylines Season 1, Episode 2, “Skyline Shine” beds in the characters, with the story feeling more comfortable with itself.

This recap of Netflix Series Skylines Season 1, Episode 2, “Skyline Shine” contains significant spoilers. You can read our recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 2 is more bedded-in with the story, with the characters looking more comfortable. In the opening scenes, Kalifa (Murathan Muslu) is buying a new home with his partner, but his close ones warn him about his finances. The return of his brother has affected him, and he takes it out on the estate agent.

As for Jinn in Episode 2, Jinn weighs his loyalty to Tonik against a promising opportunity. While working as a hotel manager, Semir visits him and plays him his beat with one of the rappers. Jinn makes it known his loyalty to Tonik, and that the beat cannot be used. Semir looks disappointed.

Sara is riding out with her new informant in “Skyline Shine”, gathering as much information as possible on potential drug gang members. While taking photos, she notices Ardan and takes a photo of the car registration plate.

With Jinn feeling under pressure regarding his opportunity, he tries to use an old beat with Tonik, who is bemused to why he is trying to use different material. The next day, Skyline send him 50k in euros for his work so far. His time to tell Tonik is running out, as his sister Lily finds the transaction and the unsigned agreement.

Kalif is concerned with Ardan’s business dealings and tries to confront him about it; however, his brother takes an aggressive stance and puts him in a headlock. Tension is brewing at Skyline.

Anyway, the ending of Skylines Season 1, Episode 2, “Skyline Shine” is an odd one; Jinn and Tonik are sat on a bench outside, and they both want to tell each other something. Tonik tells Jinn that he has a “thing” with his sister, and Jinn does not react well at all. What annoyed me is that this was the perfect opportunity for him to tell Tonik about the contract he has been offered with Skylines, but he instead gets irate and forces Tonik to walk off.

Jinn then signs the contract with Skyline, that gives them exclusivity. Schoolboy error.

Other Notable Points

  • Sara is struggling to engage with her daughter Riana, even when she comes home early to spend time with her. That same evening, she finds out the car she saw is from Skyline records.
  • Kroos goes to a meeting at Hessen Group and wants them to put through two transactions. He blackmails them.
  • Jinn’s relationship with his father is frail. His Dad gives him grief about staying at his sister’s home and not paying rent.

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