Skylines Recap: A Massive Opportunity

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 27, 2019
Netflix Series Skylines Season 1, Episode 1 - Zero Six Nine


Skylines Season 1, Episode 1, “Zero Six Nine” is a scene-setting pilot, demonstrating the dark worlds Jinn and Sara reside in.

This recap of Netflix Series Skylines Season 1, Episode 1, “Zero Six Nine” contains significant spoilers. You can read our review of Season 1 by clicking these words.

The Pilot Episode of Skyline introduces the audience to two characters, both immersed in a darker world than they aspire to be.

First up, aspiring hip-hop producer Jinn (Edin Hasanovic), who partners with his best friend Tonik, who raps over his beats. It’s evident that Jinn can only breathe if he is producing beats, while his partner Tonik enjoys the after-party before they’ve even landed success. Jinn is a character easy to admire — as soon as he performs at a hip hop showcase, he shoots off to his second job, presumably because he cannot make ends meet, or pay his sister rent.

Episode 1 provides Jinn with a whisker of an opportunity; after the show, a major-label executive named Semir takes interest in his work and asks him to visit the studios.

It’s clear that this world at Skyline has many variables, with different characters influencing opposite agendas. Jinn enters the studios with barely a sentence to say, offering polite words and head-nods rather than becoming too involved with his new professional acquaintances.

Jinn’s main issue is while the opportunity is huge, and he will be amongst huge profiles, something does not feel right for the hard-working character. At the party he attends with Skyline colleagues, he is either overwhelmed by the occassion or feeling a weight of guilt. By the end of the episode, he doesn’t tell his friend.

Skyline thinks his beats are dope.

The other major character is the cop Sara (Peri Baumeister), who acquires tips for a CI to arrest major criminals. She is caught up in an explosion in Episode 1. She is confident, but you get the sense that she’s been in a lot of wars, kicking out one of the tipsters from her car who was trying to negotiate with her. During Episode 1, she manages to take down a drug deal and asks the man to help her by being an informant.

Episode 1, “Zero Six Nine” is a scene-setter for what is to come, and I’m sure Sara and Jinn’s world will continue to merge.

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