Inventing Anna season 1 – how does Vivian get her story, and is it a success?

February 11, 2022
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This article, ”How does Vivian get her story, and is it a success” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Inventing Anna season 1. 

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In Inventing Anna, struggling journalist Vivian works for Manhattan Magazine. And during the limited series, she is on a mission to create a story that will help heighten her failing career. Despite being heavily pregnant, Vivian doesn’t allow it to slow her down. In fact, Vivian continues to work right up until her waters break. Even so, there are several setbacks along the way, such as key witness Rachel DeLoache Williams already selling her story to Vanity Fair. And Anna’s reluctance to provide any details.

Inventing Anna season 1 – how does Vivian get her story, and is it a success?

To try and gain a true insight into who Anna Delvey really is, Vivian interviews several individuals related to her time living in New York as a fake heiress. Those individuals include; Neff Davis, Kacy Duke, and Anna’s ex-boyfriend Chase Sikorski. Her determination to contact people linked to Anna was proven when Vivian travelled to Germany, shortly after giving birth, to meet with Anna’s parents. (Although their interviews were not for the first article, it was her research from the first article that led Vivian to them). Not only does Anna have the added pressures of fact checks and deadlines, but with her pregnancy imminent, Vivian has to ensure she has enough material for the first draft.

Vivian’s story into Anna is a huge success. It becomes Manhattan Magazine’s best piece in five years! And it also helps switch Anna from a wannabe heiress to a celebrity. The success of the article not only helps Vivian’s career (as she gets given her own office), but it also arguably improves the careers of Todd Spodek and Rachel DeLoache Williams. This is because Todd becomes the defender of choice for fraudsters whilst Rachel earns $630,000 from the case. Whilst Vivian had very little to do with how Anna conned the people of New York, it is her article that brought the case to the public’s attention.

Do you think that Vivian was justified in how she got her story on Anna Delvey? Comment below.

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