The Kominsky Method Season 2 Review: Netflix Continues The Classy Story

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 24, 2019
The Kominsky Method Season 2 Netflix Series


The Kominsky Method Season 2 continues to impress with brilliant performances and a story that ekes out the inner self to nurture life-long friendships.

Before The Kominsky Method Season 2 arrived, I did wonder, ever so slightly, whether a continuation would mean losing its magic. I mean, it would have been almost impossible to can the Netflix series, especially with the accolades and critical acclaim it received, but sometimes a fine wine does not age as well.

Season 2 continues to flavor a fantastic story.

And like its predecessor, The Kominsky Method Season 2 heralds two fine characters taking the lead. Sandy Kominsky (Michael Douglas) and Norman Newlander (Alan Arkin) sends us down plenty of garden paths concerning later life. The classy story continues of two old men partaking in a “drama-like” life where most would dream of being settled, but their lives are far from being resolved. The Netflix series screams chemistry between Douglas and Arkin, complementing each other as they strive for theatrical friendship in the confines of 25-minute chapters.

Season 2 throws plot points at ease; the opening chapter offers newer challenges, attaching good and bad situations; Sandy has grave concerns about Mindy’s new boyfriend, and Normal is skippingly happy after meeting an old flame. Funerals are still life — the chalice of living for so long.

The Kominsky Method Season 2 still presents Sandy coaching his acting class. The character continues to be bewildered by the younger mind as he tries to envoke wisdom and traditional methods to snap their entitled personas into a sensible awakening. The acting classes will always remain a core slice of entertainment in the Netflix series, as they add perspective to the age gap, in a rather young-feeling story ridden by old, sometimes boisterous men.

But does the series continue to have longevity?

And this is where I make a casing point. The Kominsky Method could be a hallmark series that remains in the libraries of Netflix for the foreseeable future. Such is the range of Sandy and Norman’s friendship that season 2 leaves us desiring more. We crave to have a friendship that Netflix presents. If we are ever divorced late in life, we’d like a Norman to call the next day. If we suddenly retire due to ill-health, you’d like a Sandy to visit you in hospital. The Netflix series ekes out that desire at a relaxed, enjoyable level, that does not impact despite a second season.

If you enjoyed the first, you will most certainly enjoy The Kominsky Method Season 2. Sit back, relax, and let it sink in.

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