Brotherhood (Irmandade) Recap: Forgery

October 25, 2019
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Brotherhood (Irmandade) Season 1, Episode 1, “Right is Right” sets the scene of a hardworking attorney finding a way to help her tortured brother.

This recap of Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 1, “Right is Right” contains significant spoilers. You can read the season review by clicking these words.

“What is your connection with the Brotherhood criminal organization?” — that is one of the concerning opening lines to Episode 1, “Right is Right”, shouted at our lead character, Cristina (Naruna Costa).

Episode 1 then returns to the present day, and Legal Attorney Cristina is asked to transport a case file to another legal department. When she sees the file she is instantly beside herself. The story of Brotherhood begins. Cristina attends the courtroom that is relevant to the case file and she sees her brother in the stands, Edson (Seu Jorge), getting tried for murder. Cristina has not seen her brother for 20 years — their father called the police on him, and he has been within the vicious system ever since. Edson describes how he is beaten and tortured every single day. Edson’s partner is also in the courtroom, looking on but wary of Cristina.

Back in prison, Edson’s brutal torturing continues. The warden has little care for the character, linking him to organized crime and wanting answers. He orders the torturers to hurt him as much as possible for answers until he dies.

After Edson’s partner persuading her to help, Cristina forges her manager’s signature for a prison inspection. The Warden is not pleased by the inspection and senses there is more to it. Cristina tries to make a deal with the Warden but she is denied.

Then next day Mrs Rocha finds out about the forgery and Cristina is arrested. While Edson leads a prison protest, Cristina is asked by criminal division lead to snitch on her brother to dismantle a criminal organization.

Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 1, “Right is Right” ends with the lead trying to convince Cristina that Edson is a murderer and that snitching will stop her from being put in prison for forgery. After much pressure, at the end Cristina gives in and agrees.

Other Notes

  • Cristina’s brother’s girlfriend is pregnant.

You can read the recap of the second episode by clicking these words.

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