Brotherhood (Irmandade) Recap: A New Leader

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 25, 2019
Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 4 - One-Way Ticket


Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 4, “One-Way Ticket” raises the stakes for Cristine, forcing the character to step up and make a major decision.

This recap of Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 4, “One-Way Ticket” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 4 opens up with a wounded Ivan after the altercation in the previous chapter. Cristina (Naruna Costa) and Darlene help remove the bullets. Darlene asks Cristina how she got so deeply involved. A good question from Darlene, but Cristina always has an answer. Later, Cristine takes her snitching a step forward, taking photos of Darlene’s notebook, and shares the information with Andrade — there is a heist planned.

The issue is, Andrade wants more: time, place, date, the three variables for the heist. This puts Cristina in a terrible position. The question is how does she ask for this information?

Cristina decides to take another route; she recommends to the Brotherhood a friend that can help with the heist. A woman she knows that sits closely with Andrade. She can understand when police will have significant operations, making the heist easier. Unfortunately, Scavenger is hesitant — Darlene and Scavenger have a major disagreement which involves Scavenger physically grabbing her by the face. “Bros over hoes,” he states.

Cristina is becoming emotionally connected to the members of the Brotherhood — when Ivan tells her that he will be taking part in the heist, despite his recent gun wounds, she becomes concerned and starts kissing him. Cristina’s concerns extend to Darlene, warning her about the heist, insisting they ask Sueli for information.

The turning point is when Darlene finds out that Scavenger plans to leave the country after the heist. Darlene and Cristine plan to stitch Scavenger up. Darlene vows to be the new leader and asks Cristina to become the new number 2.

Equipped with all the information from Cristina, Andrade carries out a planned raid on Scavenger’s place. His unit arrest Scavenger. Cristina is officially free from the police, no longer under threat from being arrested. Andrade asks Cristina how she managed to convince Darlene to give up Scavenger.

Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 4, “One-Way Ticket” ends with Darlene and Cristina ready to carry out the heist.

Other Notes

  • Cristina asks Ivan not to tell Darlene that she warned Farmiga.
  • Marcel asks if he can join Brotherhood. Edson accepts. He tries sneaking drugs into prison but fails.

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