Brotherhood (Irmandade) Recap: Tunnel Vision

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 25, 2019
Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 5 - What Brothers Are For


Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 5, “What Brothers Are For” demonstrates the evolution of Cristina, as she grows into her role in the gang.

This recap of Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 5, “What Brothers Are For” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Episode 5 immediately follows the previous chapter — Darlene (Hermila Guedes) and Cristina are ready for the heist, while Andrade delivers his press conference stating that with Scavenger arrested, the heists should stop. At the same time of providing that speech, the heist is implemented successfully, ensuring Andrade’s career is at risk.

But a new war is brewing in “What Brothers Are For” — Scavenger has accused Darlene of being the rat. Edson approaches Darlene, and she convincingly lies and denies it. Even Darlene now is feeling the heat of becoming a new rat in the group.

Darlene tasks Cristina with a new role in the Brotherhood. They have started building an escape route for Edson that will tunnel to his prison cell, and Darlene wants Cristina to “keep an eye on it”. Cristina is unable to leave the gang, and Darlene expresses that she cannot just take the heist money and depart.

Cristina changes her mind and takes charge. You can almost sense the character is enjoying the world of crime, unable to depart from the Brotherhood properly. Problems arrive immediately; a neighborhood rep complains of the noise that they can hear, so she has to force the men to dig by hand.

Back in prison in Episode 5, Scavenger and Edson finally confront each other. It turns into a heated argument that triggers a new era — a new gang war is brewing.

And then the FIFA World Cup starts, highlighting the cultural importance in Brazil. As the World Cup hysteria begins, the escape route is making progress; however, there is a snag, they have reached a concrete wall, and Cristina wants to consider blowing it up — a risk brought to Ivan, who makes it known how tricky it can be to blow up a wall in a tunnel. To make matters worse, a city inspector visits the place where the tunnel is being built under a house — Cristina wisely bribes him, ensuring his sick son will be looked if he does not report anything suspicious. Cristina is a natural.

Cristina outlines plans to free Edson — on the way out, a disgruntled gang member, Fuba, threatens Cristina, and ask her for the money. She takes him to the money, and as he is about to kill her, Marcel knocks him unconscious.

Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 5, “What Brothers Are For” demonstrates the evolution of Cristina as she continues to be an active, moving part in Brotherhood.

Other Notes

  • Ivan and Cristina sleep together. Ivan is thinking about leaving crime behind.

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