Brotherhood (Irmandade) Recap: The Great Betrayal

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 25, 2019
Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 6 - Decision


Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 6, “Decision” provides a tense 15 minutes, making it the most impactful chapter in the series so far.

This recap of Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 6, “Decision” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

In the last episode, I believed that Marcel simply knocked Fuba unconscious, but the start of Episode 6 confirms that Fuba is dead. Cristina (Naruna Costa) helps him remove the body.

The plan is based on Brazil making it to the World Cup Final, a brave, yet calculated decision. When they score, and fireworks will ensue, Brotherhood will set the explosives off, forming the pathway for Edson and their group in prison to escape down the tunnel. Darlene tells Edson of this plan. She wants her husband out of jail.

Marcel is in hot water — the police find evidence linking him to the murder of Fuba; he left his hot dog business cards beside the body. He foolishly admits to the murder, claiming he had no accomplices — at the same time, his girlfriend’s waters break. The baby is coming. Cristina has a mountain to climb to get her brother free so she can spend time with his family.

With Marcel not allowed bail, Cristina requests a deal with Andrade to free Marcel. She tells him about the planned prison break. She also asks that once they arrest the escapees that Edson can be transferred prisons. Luckily, Brazil has made it to the final.

And then for the much-anticipated prison escape. In a nervous fifteen minutes, Brazil and Italy toy around the pitch, forcing the game to go to penalties. All the characters are on edge, forcing the audience to feel tense as well. To make matters worse, when Brazil scores a penalty, and the fireworks go off, the explosives do not work. Ivan goes to check the wires, realizing that a rat has chewed it. After fixing the wiring, Brazil save a penalty, ensuring they have won the World Cup — fireworks go off, and the explosives work. Edson and his men jump down into the hole.

Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 6, “Decision” ends with Cristina leaving the house, looking somber and depressed for betraying everyone — she signals to Andrade, who enters to house to be ready for the prisoners who will be exiting the tunnel.

Other Notes

  • Cristina asks Edson if Ivan can leave crime. He says no.

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