Brotherhood (Irmandade) Recap: Torn Between Both Worlds

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 25, 2019
Netflix series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 7 - Blood on your hands


Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 7, “Blood on your hands” picks up the pace as the crime and police world start zoning in on Cristina.

This recap of Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 7, “Blood On Your Hands”, contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

After the betrayal slash deal orchestrated by Cristina (Naruna Costa) and Andrade, the attempted tunnel escape occurs. An arrest turns into a massacre and Edson and others are shot. It’s an absolute bloodbath, with Cristina distraught by what has happened, not realizing this was going to occur.

To keep up with the false facade, Cristina is interrogated in Episode 7, but she is clearly traumatized by events. She tries hurting Andrade who calms her down. Luckily, Edson remains alive, although he is in a coma.

When Cristina visits the hospital, Darlene is there, and her suspicions begin — “why did you tell Jonathan that Brotherhood is over”. Darlene also wonders how Cristina left the police cell so fast after being arrested. Meanwhile, Ivan is getting tortured in prison.

“Blood on your hands” sees Darlene wanting revenge for the tunnel massacre and the reports on news channels. Cristina puts forward an idea, and they implement it; Brotherhood kidnap the reporter Lidia who reported on the tunnel escape, and they try and force Lidia to make a statement about it in a hide-out. Cristina irks the others by offering the reporter a glass of water to calm her down. Tension is growing between Cristina and Darlene.

And the suspicions continue to take hold as Darlene wonders why Marcel isn’t in prison either. An angry Andrade confronts Darlene about the location of their hideout, eager to save the news reporter. But it turns into a slanging match between them both, with Darlene spitting in Andrade’s face.

Cristina continues to show her human side to the reporter Lidia, feeding her. The reporter makes Cristina feel guilty, suggesting that she is just an employee of the media company, and she shouldn’t be hurt if they do not release the footage of her confessing that what they reported was lies. Unfortunately, the news channel does not release the footage, so Darlene rings Cristina and asks her to start torturing her. Jonathan attempts to cut one of Lidia’s fingers off, but Cristina stops him — Jonathan wonders why Cristina does not want revenge.

While Brotherhood deals with the reporter, Darlene and another member of Brotherhood beat up Marcel, believing he is the snitch. He lets it slip that Cristina was with him when the police let him go and that she can vouch that he did not snitch. Darlene knows who the rat is.

Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 7, “Blood on your hands” ends with the police finding the hideout. Cristina and Jonathan escape with Lidia in the trunk of the car. Jonathan, however, is shot as he escapes and he bleeds out while Cristina drives away. An upset Cristina, torn between the police and the world of crime, opens up the trunk and cuts one of the fingers off Lidia.

Other Notes

  • Scavenger asks Ivan to join The Cult. They force him to watch a prisoner get raped.
  • Cristina visits Ivan in prison — he was captured in the tunnel escape. Ivan asks Cristina to leave him alone.

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