Brotherhood (Irmandade) Recap: Reborn

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 25, 2019
Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 8 - My Word is my Bond


Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 8, “My Word is my Bond” ends the fairly average Netflix series on good terms, and leaves the door open for Season 2.

This recap of Netflix Series Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 8, “My Word is my Bond” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

So the final episode of Brotherhood ends an average series with a violence-filled chapter — Andrade is desperate, so desperate that he is asking neighbors for her location, even berating children. The finger has been sent to the police and the news team — it’s getting serious.

With the reporter fearing for her life, she tries escaping, but Cristina (Naruna Costa) stops her, highlighting that the news will play the video. And they do — the tape is released. The video shows the reporter explaining the corruption within the prisons, how the warden broke laws and the truth about what happened with the tunnel escape and the massacre. In prison, the news story leaks, and Brotherhood feels empowered, chanting, while The Cult starts fighting other inmates. In the police station, Andrade fights with his colleagues.

“My Word is my Bond” provides a turning point; Cristina tries to free the reporter, but before she does, Darlene shows up, and she requests another member of the gang to release Lidia. Darlene reveals that she knows Cristina is the rat, and it turns into a passionate, emotional argument, with Cristina demanding forgiveness. Cristina has one more throw of the dice, stating she will help Darlene find Andrade and kill him.

With the news leak and Brotherhood feeling strong again, the warden asks Scavenger to end Edson. Scavenger asks Ivan to kill Edson, and in return, he will be free from factions.

Cristina rings up Andrade pretending she needs protection from Darlene. Meanwhile, Ivan meets Edson in the infirmary to carry out Scavenger’s order. Ivan sides with Edson.

Edson approaches Scavenger in the year and offers a one on one battle. The two dual with knives, but in the end, Edson wins and brutally slits Scavenger’s throat. Edson gives a speech to both The Cult and Brotherhood, asking for both groups to come together and fight their common enemy, rather than each other.

While Brotherhood group together in prison, Cristina and Darlene go to Andrade’s office. Cristina begs Darlene for forgiveness, but Darlene is ready to kill her; Andrade shows up in time.

And then the prison turns into an all-out riot — Edson rallies everyone to take over the prison and confronts the Warden who has deployed a SWAT team. Edson and Brotherhood take the protest to the roof with the correctional officers as hostages. TV cameras on the news show a prison staff’s head chopped off and in Edson’s hands. The Secretary of Public Safety shows up, and Edson immediately requests that the warden resigns.

Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 8, “My Word is my Bond” ends with gunshots traded between Darlene and Andrade. Cristina manages to escape with a gun while Darlene severely injures Andrade. Eventually, Andrade gets the upper hand on Darlene and starts strangling her — Cristina had the opportunity to sneak up behind Andrade and shoot him before he finished killing Darlene, but she doesn’t. She watches Darlene die. Cristina then walks up behind Andrade and kills him.

As Cristina walks off, Darlene starts breathing, leaving it wide open for Season 2.

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