Hache Season 1 Review: Spanish Netflix Series Presents Character With Stern Resolve

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 1, 2019
Netflix series Hache Season 1


Hache Season 1 presents a character with stern resolve, as she moves up the ranks in a criminal organisation in 1960’s Barcelona.

During the opening chapters of Netflix series Hache Season 1, drug lord Malpica (Javier Rey) states how he is impressed by Helena’s (Adriana Ugarte) stern resolve. It’s the selling point of the Netflix series. Helena is a mouldable but tough character, and Malpica’s view of her is a strong signal to the audience to get behind her. Helena endures a whirlwind of moments in the opening episode that forms the story for the rest of the series. Hache presents 1960’s Barcelona in its murky glory, with the criminal underworld confidently going about its business as the determined cops circle their establishments.

And while Hache Season 1 feels like the run-of-the-mill Netflix series that hits the international platforms every week, the Spanish story does well to assert its confidence. It’s a story about a leading woman who is determined to protect her valuable assets — her family — but soon finds herself seduced by the world of a drug lord, gathering her skills and energy to take on a different path that requires sacrifices and difficult choices.

It’s brilliantly performed. Adriana Ugarte’s performance levels with the formalities of the murky world the audiences succumb to. She exists within Hache by survival instincts, maintaining the trust of Malpica, a romance that ignites fairly quickly, while getting to grips with drug trafficking.

The attention that has gone into the scenes to relive the 1960s is impressive, as Hache makes little shortcuts to breathe it into life. I find it admirable, how the international content on Netflix does a consistent job in articulating the time the characters are in. There is such an effort to place the audience at the right moment to give a better understanding of the characters.

Netflix series Hache Season 1 certainly needs to be added to your much-needed list this weekend. And while it isn’t binge-worthy, it is easy to stay loyal to the story.

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