Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby Review: Late Night Host Brings Hilarious Personal Stories

By Daniel Hart
Published: November 5, 2019 (Last updated: November 23, 2019)
Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby - Netflix Special - Stand-Up


Seth Mayers gets up from behind his desk and delivers a great Netflix Special. Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby is a hearty stand-up that has well-timed jokes.

I often see Seth Meyers in short funny clips on social media, offering an angle on a piece of news in his Late Night show, but Netflix’s Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby gives the audience an opportunity to learn more about the man behind the desk.

Seth Meyers opens up with the notion of how uncanny this is for the audience; how “out of context” this may feel. We are so used to seeing him behind a desk that he points out that it must be strange seeing his legs. “Like for the first time, we saw Kermit ride a bicycle”. He lands hearty jokes from the offset.

The Late Night host opens up about his marriage in Netflix Stand-up Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby — how you should not go to Paris as the expectancy of a proposal is imminent, and how his wife pretended that he was planning the wedding with her. Seth Meyers is flagrantly in love with his wife, and it shines through in his jokes.

And he talks about kids. Jokes can never run dry when kids are present. Seth Meyers highlights parents’ worse fear, kids falling over and hurting themselves, but then adds the irony of how relaxed parents become when they have a second child.

The one joke he repeats is a stab at the misogynistic men out there. In a few of his stories, like when his wife explains the baby is here while giving birth and he denies that is the case, he explains what mansplaining is — where a man, with no shared experience, tells a woman with the experience what’s happening. It’s an enjoyable, ironic and funny take by Seth Meyers, who recognizes the term for what it is, despite so many believing it is a myth.

And of course, the comedian talks about politics in Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby. How could he not? Every comedian loves to bring up America’s most embarrassing President of all time. But it is how he delivers his jokes that is unprecedented. Before he drives his political jokes, he gives Netflix users the option to slide pass the segment, and low and behold, there is a “Skip Politics” button that presents itself on the screen. He then uses the button to his advantage — once he delivers his jokes on the Trump era, he remarks “I do think he’s a good President”, which will be the first line the audiences will hear if they skip, tempting them to go back and listen to the segment. Genius.

There’s plenty to enjoy in Netflix Special Seth Meyers: Lobby Baby. And whether you know much about the man or not, there is undoubtedly a joke in here for everyone. The man’s charm, charisma, and timing will keep your attention for 60 minutes.

Last updated: 23/11/2019 at 10:24

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