FBI Recap: Too Good To be True

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 13, 2019 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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FBI Season 2, Episode 7 recap: "Undisclosed" proves some things too good to be true




The twisty murder of a high-profile figure tied up in a revolutionary new medical company proves another worthwhile case for Maggie and OA.

This recap of FBI Season 2, Episode 7, “Undisclosed”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the second season premiere by clicking these words.

It has been quite some time since we last checked in on Dick Wolf’s FBI, but better late than never. And “Undisclosed” brings us back with a bang — a few, in fact, all aimed at Robert Cabot (Andre Blake), the former Surgeon General under Obama and the current President of Armstrong University, shot to death on campus by parties as yet unknown.

As ever, Maggie (Missy Peregrym) and OA (Zeeko Zaki) are on the case. Cabot’s wife leads the team to Luke Wagner, an Armstrong University freshman who had been kicked out and had turned up on the doorstep the previous day, braying aggressively — score one for those newfangled video doorbells. But Wagner’s roommate reveals he has major personality issues and takes anti-psychotic medication, so he and a gun likely wouldn’t mix. At his home, that was proven in FBI Season 2, Episode 7, as he waved a firearm around and tried to shoot himself when his father revealed the exact circumstances of his ejection from Armstrong. Luckily the gun didn’t discharge and he was able to be taken in for questioning, where he confessed to stalking Cabot and being present on the night he was killed.

Luke did what most people would do upon hearing gunshots — he ran away. But if he didn’t kill Cabot, someone else did, and a man seemingly well-liked and respected doesn’t have too many enemies. Except, a course, a man well-liked and respected who also gambles illegally, which Cabot did, owing money to a wrong-un named Jack Shelby (Michael Abbott Jr.) who had threatened to harm if he wasn’t paid up. Maggie and OA catch Shelby at an illegal poker game and, after eating a clothesline from Maggie and being found in possession of a parole-violating eightball, he tells them that Cabot had a friend who cleared his debts.

That friend turns out to be multi-billionaire Ravi Sharma (Faran Tahir), with whom Cabot was in business. A pending IPO — the process by which a private company offers shares to the public — was threatened to be stalled by Cabot, which would lose Sharma close to a billion dollars. It seems a clear motive for murder, except, as Sharma explains, it’s a survivable loss for someone like him. Plus he had an alibi, having left the fundraiser early with his former NYPD driver, who could confirm he was nowhere near the university campus when Cabot was gunned down.

The next person of interest in FBI Season 2, Episode 7 is Corrinne, the brain behind the project who believed that the same caution that made Cabot a great Surgeon General also made him a terrible fit for the private sector. She was present the night he was shot, so she’s a better bet, but when Kristen (Ebonee Noel) and Stuart (John Boyd) arrive at her apartment, they find her shot. Luckily, she knocked herself out when she fell, giving the impression that she was dead when in reality her wounds were superficial. The shooter is able to escape, but ballistics link the bullets to those that killed Cabot. The only link between the two is Cemera, the revolutionary medical company tied to the IPO.

Naturally, the company is too good to be true. A recently-fired assistant helps to spill the beans that Cemera was giving false positives, telling patients they had a clean bill of health when in reality their cancer was worsening. Corinne was lying about it and Cabot was trying to shut it down, or at least stall it, but Tommy Ward (Andrew Rothenberg), an aggrieved patient with now-terminal lung cancer, had ensured that he didn’t have time by opening fire on him in revenge.

Maggie and OA are able to collar Ward before he’s able to hurt anyone else, although he does take a hostage to protect himself. But the news of what Cabot was really trying to do fills him with guilt, and he commits suicide rather than die in prison.

“Undisclosed” proves that FBI remains a tight and well-oiled procedural, and a personal B-plot for OA keeps the characterization ticking along. More next week.

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