Dollface Recap: The Boring, The Fun and the Bossy One

November 15, 2019
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Dollface Season 1, Episode 4, “Fun Friend” shows our characters brand themselves and take on their social identities.

This recap of Hulu series Dollface Season 1, Episode 4, “Fun Friend” contains significant spoilers. You can read the recap of the previous episode by clicking these words.

Well, Episode 4 sees our leading women brand themselves in another mediocre and slightly lifeless chapter.

Stella asks Jules (Kat Dennings) if she wants to go out — at this moment, Jules is labeled “The Boring One”, due to her lack of need to go out and live life. The scene then turns into a laughing track comedy, where Jules is sick, and her friends mock her and accuse her of pretending to be sick.

Meanwhile, while Stella “The Fun One” and Jules “The Boring One” attempt to find ways to bond socially, Izzy “The Crazy One” gets tasked with a PR project nightmare, that Madison helps save. Madison realises, however, that everyone at Izzy’s work calls her Alison, and Madison is determined to make her be herself.

Jules hangs with Stella and her mother and gets drunk. Within 25 minutes, Jules passes out, waking up with a terrible hangover; Stella is happy as she’s had an excuse to spend less time with her drunk mother. Stella tries to assure Jules that even though she’s boring, she’s a good friend.

Now “The Bossy One”, Madison, tries to get a grip on Izzy’s life and help her become herself, while Jules plans a fun, full night with Stella. Madison successfully encourages Izzy to come out to her friends and reveal her true name. Meanwhile, Jules’s night with Stella takes a turn and they end up on a boat to Alaska. The boat then turns into a fantasy courtroom scene where an attorney accuses Jules of being boring, showing highlight reels of her life.

Dollface Season 1, Episode 4, “Fun Friend” ends with Jules demanding that the boat is turned around, accepting that she does not have to be as fun as Stella in order to be friends. The group of friends finds each other in a cafe.

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