Who dies in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4? (major spoiler)

December 31, 2020
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This article “Who dies in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4” contains major spoilers and information regarding the ending. 

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When it was announced that CAOS was going to end, we were all understandably disappointed. But then we were stricken by the fear of what the fourth and final season was going to result in. And now we have the answers, but the most important question of all is — who dies in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4?

This is the final season?

Yes, if you’ve watched it and already know who dies, then this is the end — no resurrections. Their deaths will go into the records.

Who dies?

Well, there are only three major deaths in CAOS Part 4 and for the audience, they will be applauding the bravery of the writers. Both Sabrinas die in the final ever season. Yes, the main character of the show is now chilling in heaven, presumably living her best “ever-afterlife”.

How does Sabrina Morningstar die?

The Queen of Hell had it tough in the second half of Season 4. With the cosmos’s crashing into each other due to the Eldritch Terrors, mostly brought on by the fact that two Sabrinas exist, Sabrina Morningstar lost a game of rock, paper, scissors, and as advised by Ambrose Spellman, she had to go through a magic mirror into an alternative universe. In this universe, the original Zelda and Hilda from Sabrina The Teenage Witch are there, and she has to exist in this reoccurring reality where they had to record scenes that are oddly familiar from Sabrina Morningstar’s original universe.

Sabrina Morningstar soon learns that the universe she is in is about to suffer from the Void, an Eldritch Terror that consumes everything into nothingness. Most of the cast and crew in this strange universe are playing their part in the Void. Sabrina escapes the alternative universe by smashing through the mirror back into the original world and warns Sabrina Spellman of the Void — by doing so, she dies of injuries.

How does Sabrina Spellman die?

Sabrina dies in equally tragic circumstances and by the same Terror — the Void. In the final ever episode, our favourite witch ends up with the Void inside her while trying to defeat it, which has terrible consequences as she has powers that are undesirable; she can make anyone, and anything disappear. By the end of an exciting finale, Sabrina Spellman has a solution — to make herself bleed to open up the Void gateway — by doing so, the disappeared people can return that were victim to her powers, and Nick can trap the Void in Pandora’s box. At this point, Sabrina Spellman is already weak, and she does not tell her loved ones that by cutting her open, she’s likely to die. And that’s what happens, she dies.

Sabrina ends up in the glowingly white heaven to bring a sweet ending to the series. She took accountability and sacrificed herself for everyone else. It was the only suitable ending after what she did at the end of season 3.

Wait, who is the third major death?

Nick — yes, poor Nick. It’s a rather unexplained and rushed death. To appease fans, Nick meets Sabrina in heaven and he explains he was swept away in the sea or something. It’s not important at this point as the most important character had already died. But, at least Sabrina and Nick can live the rest of their soulful days together.

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