Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3, episode 8 recap – “Sabrina Is Legend”

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 24, 2020 (Last updated: 1 weeks ago)
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Netflix Series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3, episode 8 - Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina Is Legend


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Episode 8 is not original, but it feels fresh and inventive, securing an easy fourth season.

This recap of Netflix Series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Episode 8, “Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina Is Legend”, contains significant spoilers.

We all love a time travel fix, and although we are accustomed to it, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Episode 8 manages to make it feel fresh and cool.

In the opening of the finale, “Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina Is Legend”, Ambrose narrates; he provides an update on Caliban and the pagans; Caliban tried to defeat the pagans but failed, and the pagans reclaimed earth. Time has passed since, decades, and the future Sabrina wakes up Sabrina from the tomb she is cast in. She switches herself and tells her to get the Regalia and save Greendale. Next time, it will be her turn to do the switch.

The future Sabrina has created a time loop that needs to be reserved.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Episode 8, “Sabrina Is Legend” shows the present Sabrina now awake in the present day and she heads to church. She finds the regalia but she’s attacked by the protectors — she stops them and asks what happened to Hell; it was invaded by archangel Michael and Caliban was defeated.

Sabrina heads over to the Spellman home and sees that everyone is dead. This is an emotional time for our character as at this moment, she realizes her path to power has led to the death of everyone she loves. Sabrina is attacked by what look like zombies, but the protectors of the Unholy Regalia help out — they will be following her now. Then, there’s another blow to Sabrina; she sees The Green Man was activated, and she learns that Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Robin are dead.

We come to learn that this changes everything for Sabrina forever.

In a turn of events, it turns out Ambrose is still alive in “Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina Is Legend”. Although the pagans won, he managed to find himself a safe place where he read books upon books and kept himself sane. An emotional Ambrose tells Sabrina that she missed the end of the world and he reveals Blackwood’s time egg which he has been protecting and asks, “Where were you?”. Predictably, Sabrina asks if the egg can send her back in time by using the power of the Unholy Regalia. She starts a rallying cry — “The last of the Spellmans”. Ambrose suggests using the stone circle at the Academy to perform the ritual, but the only problem is, Faustus Blackwood is there and he has the mark of Cain — he cannot be hurt. He’s also now batsh** crazy, worshipping the Eldritch terrors.

Sabrina enters the academy and in a moment of horror, it looked like Blackwood had killed both Sabrina and Ambrose, but it turns out they put him under a dream spell for eternity — he’s now trapped in a dream.

Sabrina and Ambrose start the ritual with the time egg and it works. Sabrina has returned to the Academy during the pagan invasion. She quickly teleports to Mambo, Ambrose, and Prudence and warns them to leave before Blackwood arrives. Sabrina then warns Theo, Roz, and Harvey about the pagans and tells Nick he was right.

Zelda then wakes up in a safe place, stating she knows what to do to save them all but she asks where Hilda is — Sabrina holds back the tears and states she hasn’t resurrected yet. Zelda insists to all the witches that they bring Hilda back. She does a passionate ritual on her grave and at first, it doesn’t look like it worked — but it does and Hilda’s hand comes from the soil.

Now there’s another issue in “Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina Is Legend”; stopping the entire town from going to the carnival and there’s also a virgin that remains that they have not protected yet — Ms. Wardwell. Sabrina has a plan; put the town to sleep while she tracks down Ms. Wardwell.

This kind of proactive Sabrina is great television.

Robin delivers Ms. Wardwell to the pagans and convinces Carcosa that he is not a traitor and that he was just infiltrating the school. Carcosa starts The Green Man ritual with Ms. Wardwell inside. But The Green Man starts to rot — it was really Pesta, the witch of disease and Robin was really Sabrina: “I killed your pathetic plant god”. The Coven show up for war and the pagans run away.

Harvey enters the tent to kill Gorgon but he nearly fails, but Roz chops her head off. Hilda also gets her revenge on the witch that nearly killed her. Ambrose and Zelda find Carcosa and he announces, “I am the great god Pan,” but his speech does not last long as Prudence stabs him from behind. Greendale is saved.

At the midway point of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Episode 8, Zelda thanks Sabrina for saving them all. Sabrina breaks the news that she has to return to Hell and Zelda and Hilda cry when Sabrina states it is her destiny to be the Queen of Hell.

But Sabrina’s time travel has changed her; she has realized in Season 3 that she loves her teenage life, which then births a new twist. Rather than repeating the time loop and keeping it reserved, she tells the other present-day Sabrina cast in the tomb not to hand the silver to Judas, meaning she’s now become the future Sabrina. She’s broken the time loop to save herself. The plan is; one of them can be the Queen of Hell, while the other can enjoy Greendale being a teenager and spending time with family and friends.

That is the kind of logic that I’d be proud of owning.

The present-day Sabrina approaches Judas (Caliban) but this time does not fall for his trick and casts him to the tomb. Sabrina returns to Hell and tells Lucifer that she is ready to be married to Hell. Ambrose narrates and explains how she has returned everything to its natural balance. One Sabrina preps to be Queen while the other returns home.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Episode 8 closes with food for thought for a fourth season…

Mambo tells Zelda that a darker force is on the horizon and to prepare the coven for war. She asks Zelda if she is welcome and Zelda kisses her — we have a new romance folks.

Sabrina returns to her family for dinner and she’s really casual, explaining she does not want to be the Queen of Hell. Ambrose approaches Sabrina and begs her to tell him what is going on. She tells Ambrose what has happened and insists that everything will be fine. Ambrose freaks out by saying she has created a time paradox. At dinner, Ambrose hints that every loose end will have consequences.

It’s hard not to agree with him.

The other Sabrina is in hell; Lilith is applying makeup on her and preparing her dress — the crown awaits. The Queen of Hell Sabrina walks to her throne and she is met with applause. It’s her time to rule now.

But amongst all this, we forgot about Faustus Blackwood in “Chapter Twenty-Eight: Sabrina Is Legend”. He uses his egg to open up the void. Agatha asks what they have birthed and he cackles and says, “The end of the Spellmans, the end of all things.”

Looks like Season 4 will be about the void that Blackwood has opened and the consequences of Sabrina’s time paradox.

Potions Book

  • Near the end, Harvey and Roz have sex.
  • Hilda learns that Dr. Cee is still alive.
  • Prudence finds Agatha butchered in a cupboard. She’s angry at Ambrose. Nick also tells Prudence that he feels alone. She rests her head on his shoulder

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