Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3, episode 7 recap – “The Judas Kiss”

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 24, 2020 (Last updated: 1 weeks ago)
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Netflix Series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3, episode 7 - Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Judas Kiss


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Episode 7 ends in shocking circumstances for Sabrina, her family and her friends as the pagans put their plan into motion.

This recap of Netflix Series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 3, episode 7, “Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Judas Kiss” contains significant spoilers.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Episode 7 once again heightened the stakes somewhat. “Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Judas Kiss” proves that the writers were not approaching Season 3 in halves — they decided to go all out with a full sense of mortality.

No-one is invincible anymore.

Episode 7 opens up with Sabrina panicked after hearing the commotion at the front door. She sees Zelda on the floor at the front of the house; she barely has a pulse. Ambrose, Prudence and Mambo help — Mambo confirms her spirit is in limbo and that she will stay with her and perform rituals to help her come out of it.

Episode 7, “The Judas Kiss” sees Lucifer now out of Blackwood’s body and back to his previous form. Lucifer approaches Lilith who reveals that she gave Faustus Blackwood the Mark of Cain so he cannot hurt him. Blackwood also helped her by giving her Lucifer’s seed. Lilith holds Lucifer’s child and apparently, it’s a son.

Lucifer cannot kill Lilith yet — it’s become a whole lot more complicated in the Morningstar family in Chapter Twenty-Seven.

The Spellmans are also under genuine threat — a banshee wails outside their front door delivering an omen; one or more of the Spellman family are going to die soon. Ambrose has an idea (as always) to get their powers back. He suggests using the siphoning spell on the hedge witches but unfortunately, it will likely kill them due to their age. Sabrina asks Roz if she can borrow the Ravenettes cheerleaders to help with Ambrose’s spell. Unbeknown to them, the cheerleaders gather at the Academy and dance in synchronisation to “Hey Mickey”, believing it is a cool spot to practise. It helps perform the spell.

Ambrose plans the defences and promises Prudence the killing blow on Faustus Blackwood.

In terms of Faustus Blackwood in Chapter Twenty-Seven — well, he’s seeking revenge. He finds the pagans and seeks an alliance with them. During the siphoning spell, Faustus turns up at the academy. Sabrina shuts the door on him and teleports the Ravenettes to safety. She teleports the rest of them to hell. Backwood sees that Dorcas is dead and a tranced Agatha is now under Blackwood’s orders — he wants every last Spellman dead.

“Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Judas Kiss” flagrantly shows the weakening Spellman family come to the surface. Everyone has confidence in overthrowing them.

Lucifer returns to Hell in Episode 7 and he is told about the trials between Sabrina and Caliban for the throne. Lucifer tells Sabrina to do the Unholy Regalia despite his vision of prioritising his incoming son. Sabrina insists she cannot do the trial but Lucifer marks its importance. Ambrose offers to continue the mission to defend the Coven while Sabrina does the final challenge.

Sabrina is changing with each season. Her accidental path to power is clear.

The challenge is to retrieve the thirty pieces of silver of Judas. Lucifer tells Sabrina where to go. She heads to the three betrayers and meets Judas Iscariot who is cast into the stone. Sabrina asks Judas where the silver pieces are, and in return, she will give him cold water to quench his eternal thirst. At first, Judas explains that if she betrays someone she loves with a kiss, the silver pieces will appear. Sabrina approaches Harvey with the intention of betraying him and Roz. Harvey explains how much he loves Roz and Sabrina is guilt-ridden; Sabrina tells Harvey not to worry about the failed “vow spell” that disproved that he loved Roz.

And while Sabrina’s path to power is clear, her loyalty to her friends remain intact.

Sabrina asks Judas if there’s another way to get the silver pieces, which turns out to be a more difficult approach. Judas tells Sabrina to head to the Field of Blood and head to the crypt to the first-ever vampire — Vlad the Impaler. The silver pieces will be in a bag beside Vlad.

Sabrina finds the hidden portal to the Field of Blood and finds Vlad’s crypt. When she grabs the bag of silver, Vlad wakes up, walks behind Sabrina and hypnotises her. Sabrina is under the vampire’s spell. He tells Sabrina that Judas is his father and feasts on her neck. But it turns out to be a mistake for Vlad as her blood starts burning his throat — Sabrina’s father is an angel. As Vlad scowls in pain, Sabrina turns around and says, “Also consent, it’s real”.

The halfway point of Episode 7 sees the pagans plans coming together and shows Zelda’s experiences of limbo.

In limbo, Zelda walks around the house and sees Hilda. They are soon approached by Edward and they ask about Sabrina’s lineage and also if he knew of her father, Lucifer. Limbo gets weirder as Zelda approaches her younger self and Faustus. The younger Faustus throws a page from a book into the bin — the page had a “half-moon” on it but she doesn’t understand what it means. Zelda and Hilda are then thrust to the day when they first met baby Sabrina who was left in their house in a Moses basket. The blanket in the Moses basket has a half-moon illustration.

Episode 7 proves that Zelda is still the key to the Coven’s survival.

The pagans’ plans begin to come to fruition in “The Judas Kiss”. Theo, Roz and Harvey are randomly asked to go to the Principal’s office during class but it turns out to be Carcosa and the snake lady. Theo, Roz and Harvey are virgins so they need them. As they run away, Robin saves them. Robin warns that The Green Man is coming and Roz insists they need to send Sabrina a message. Nick received the message because Sabrina is still on her quest. Robin mentions how the pagans will start The Great Flowering. Once it happens the pollination will start and it will be the end of Greendale.

As Robin reveals the plans, the pagans approach them all in a large group.

The Banshee continues to wail in “Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Judas Kiss” as Ambrose sets up the defenses. Meanwhile, Prudence hears Agatha laughing; Agatha approaches Prudence but Prudence stabs her with a knife. Blackwood walks up behind Prudence and stabs her. Ambrose senses that Prudence is in trouble and rushes to her aid. Coughing up blood and dying — Prudence tells Ambrose to stop Blackwood.

At this point, I presume Prudence is dead.

Returning to limbo, Edward shows them a room that is holding a vigil for a dying witch. It’s a vigil for Zelda and she’s way older. Sabrina calls her the best mother and tells the older Zelda she can finally rest. On the wall, there is the new moon, the half-moon and the full moon — the three phases of the moon, the three phases of a witch’s life. Zelda now knows what to do and wakes up from limbo — on the floor next to her Mambo is dead and Faustus Blackwood is there. Blackwood stabs her instantly.

Faustus is not messing about. What that scene showed is that Zelda had a vision of Sabrina explaining to her importance to the family. She’s felt like an outcast for a majority of Season 3, but this should rest her fears about the Spellman family.

Sabrina returns to Judas with the silver. He asks if he can hold the silver one last time. But it is revealed that Caliban was pretending to be Judas. Caliban traps Sabrina and casts her into the stone. He has also trapped Lilith and Lucifer — “All hail King Caliban,” Caliban declares.

What I found so strange about this scene is how easy Caliban fooled Sabrina.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 3, Episode 7, “The Judas Kiss” does not end well for everyone. The pagans have killed Robin at the carnival, Roz and Theo are tied up and Harvey is trapped in The Green Man — The Great Flowering starts. Harvey starts choking and the pollination begins as green gas is released. Carcosa declares how they can all rejoice. Roz and Theo keep screaming for Sabrina but she’s cast in stone.

Sabrina’s quest for power to help the Coven has ironically put everyone in more trouble.

Potions Book

  • Nick tells Sabrina that the Sabrina he knew would never have left her family behind for a quest.
  • Theo tells Robin she is happy that she’s accepted by him. He says he feels the same way — he’s a hobgoblin.
  • When Roz and Harvey are about to have sex, she has visions of Harvey and Sabrina kissing. Roz asks Harvey if he still loves Sabrina. Harvey mentions the vow spell by accident which he failed at.

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