Love, Victor season 3 review – the series comes to a fitting and fulfilling conclusion

June 6, 2022 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Hulu series Love, Victor season 3


The series that brought normalcy and vital representation to the gay community ends its run in fine form. This is a touching and fitting send-off for the hit, inclusive teen drama.

This review of the Hulu series Love, Victor season 3 does not contain any major spoilers.

The hit teen drama from Hulu returns to our screens for a third and final season. If you have enjoyed your time at Creekwood High, watching Victor Salazar progress from a shy, sexually confused teen into a self-assured and inspiring individual, then you will not be disappointed by this eight-episode installment, which perfectly concludes the teen’s saga of self-discovery. The lovable cast of characters is all back to traverse the tricky minefield that is adolescence, with the creators exploring important social issues of our time and providing that all-important LGBTQ+ representation. Expect a lot of laughs, love, tears, and torrid break-ups from this well-written Love, Simon spin-off.

Season two ended on a frustrating cliff-hanger, with viewers having to wait a full year to find out exactly who Victor chose, was it Benji or Rahim? Well, the premiere instantly addresses this conundrum, yet the final decision doesn’t have any actual bearing over the structure of the series, as relationships at Creekwood High seem to come and go at rapid speed. Few of the core cast stick with their other halves for all of the narrative, flitting back and forth like yoyos. Romance is fickle in this teen drama, yet not without its merit. The normalization of gay relationships and the realistic portrayal of teen romance is well crafted in Love, Victor. It is vital that teen-orientated shows break taboos and promote these healthy sexualities and the many dilemmas of teen love. Just like Netflix’s Sex Education and Heartstopper, this series should be applauded for its innovation and bravery, as the showrunners go to great lengths to tackle many tough social topics.

Whoever Victor chooses, he spends a lot of season three single, struggling through the many arenas of the dating world. A new love interest is introduced, hoping to challenge both Benji and Rahim for Victor’s affection, but in the end, the question becomes ‘who chooses Victor?’ this time around. Felix and Pilar continue their fling, which they must hide from Pilar’s overprotective parents. Lake seems unsure whether to proceed with Lucy and doesn’t know how her mother will handle the news. Mia and Andrew go on their own voyage of discovery, as Mia contemplates her future living situation. Does she stick to the safe, secure life she’s formed in Creekwood or start a new, exciting one with her family in California? With their days at high school numbered, the classmates start to think about their futures: what they want from life and who they want to share it with.

As always the show is quick-witted and sassy, with the students drolly teasing one another and poking fun at their fraught situations. These Disney-sculpted, stereotypical teens may look and act perfectly, promoting unrealistic expectations of how mature a teen should actually be, but these minor niggles can be overlooked when weighed up against the show’s many attributes. The third season is full of positives. It’s sweet and touching, delivering an emotional and fitting finale. There’s satisfying closure for all our major players, so fans won’t be rioting in the streets or signing any petitions this summer. Love, Victor is respectful of its own identity and consistent in its approach.

This feel-good drama manages to pull off the unthinkable, delivering the perfect ending for a series. Our lovable gang has been through a lot in 28 episodes, but they get the send-off they deserve, one that should satisfy both fans and converts alike. This commendable production gives teens a realistic (if Disney skewed) representation of all the different types of relationships out there, providing advice and a voice to teens of all orientations.

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