Love, Victor season 2, episode 4 recap – “The Sex Cabin”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 11, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Hulu series Love, Victor season 2, episode 4 - The Sex Cabin


Episode 4 deals with virginity and anxiety as a few lead characters battle with the pressures of having sex.

This recap of Hulu’s Love, Victor season 2, episode 4, “The Sex Cabin,” contains spoilers.

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Episode 4 begins with Felix and Victor hooking up a lot. At work, at home, and at school. In a comedic moment, they end up hooking in the same private room at school as Felix and Lake; Benji talks about a holiday home he has at a lake and thinks they should spend the weekend there. Victor reveals to Felix that he and Benji haven’t had sex yet. Felix states he hasn’t had sex with Lake yet either. Episode 4 is all about sex on the brain, with a few of the characters nervous about losing their virginities.

So they head out to the lake house. Victor notices that Benji has brought lube which makes him even more nervous; he texts Simon and wants advice however, he doesn’t have a signal — there’s also no Wi-Fi.

He’s on his own with this one.

Mia isn’t entirely impressed with Tyler

Have you ever been attracted to someone but they or not the person you thought they would be? Disappointing right? Mia receives her fair share of disappointment in episode 4.

Tyler and Mia hang out with each other. Mia is quickly getting irritated by Tyler, who keeps repeating himself. And then the car tyre flattens — he asks Mia if she can change the tyre as he doesn’t want to ruin his hands for his latest photo series. As she changes the tyre, Tyler is too preoccupied with taking photos.

Drinking games gives Victor the nerves

Later on the evening, the group plays drinking games at the lake house — Andrew and his girlfriend join. They play “never have I ever”, and there are many sex questions that freak Victor out. Mia then joins them at the lake house, and she reveals she dumped Tyler.

Victor and Felix injure themselves

Too eager to get in touch with Simon, Victor hurts himself. And then he sees Felix who has blood over him — he tried to shave his groin area and failed — “two virgins bleeding in the bathroom”. They are both embarrassed.

Lake has her own issues

We learn a lot about Lake in episode 4 — there’s a reason she’s not giving the vibe to Felix that she wants to have sex.

Felix tells Lake he shaved and hurt himself — he tells Lake he’s got the vibe she doesn’t want to have sex. He needs to know if she finds him attractive. Lake tells Felix that he is the best person she’s ever known and that it’s her own problem; she explains that when she was younger, her mother put her on diets and constant weight management. So she finds it hard to see what Felix sees. Felix calls her the most beautiful woman and says they should forget about sex for the night.

They both decide to jump into the lake naked together.

Checking in with Mia

Andrew checks up on Mia late in the night. Mia states she was excited about Tyler. She says she’s happy for him and Lucy. Andrew then rambles on about the universe and Lucy watches them both on the couch from a distance.

Victor admits his anxiety to Benji

Benji tells Victor that he’s being weird. Victor admits he’s terrified of having sex for the first time, and doesn’t want to be taught “how to be gay”. Benji says it’s new and scary for him, too, due to his strong feelings.

The ending of Love, Victor season 2, episode 4

As the episode closes, Victor’s parents sleep together unexpectedly — the separation is not going as planned. It’s also revealed that Felix and Lake lost their virginity next to the lake. Simon texts Victor and tells him that his sex life is between him and Benji. Victor wakes up and tells Benji he loves him, and Benji returns the words, and then they passionately hook up.

Love, Victor season 2, episode 4 deals with virginity and anxiety as a few lead characters battle with the pressures of having sex.

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