Love, Victor season 2, episode 5 recap – “Gay Gay”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 11, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Hulu series Love, Victor season 2, episode 5 - Gay Gay


Solidarity and pink hair — episode 5 shows how important it is to support and include each other, regardless of background.

This recap of Hulu’s Love, Victor season 2, episode 5, “Gay Gay,” contains spoilers.

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As the episode begins, Andrew tells Benji and Victor that he loved the lake house and that he’s a queer ally. He thinks what happened with the team was messed up, and whenever he’s ready, he wants Victor to come back. Victor raises how some people still want him in different changing rooms — he knows Andrew wants him back because the team is screwed without him.

Episode 5 is mostly about Andrew and how he needs to learn and adapt to make Victor feel included.

Dinner at Felix’s

Felix believes his mother is doing better and wants to introduce Lake to her. She’s on a new medication for her bipolar disorder, so he thinks it’s time.

The mother is so excited to see Lake. She invites her to stay for dinner. After dinner, the mother gets irrational and asks Lake to take home some plates as she likes them. Felix tries to de-escalate the situation as he feels his mother hasn’t taken her medication. The mother drops a box of plates, and they smash.

Lake tries to be calm about the situation, but Felix is on edge. She tells him it’s too serious and that he needs help. Felix explains he doesn’t need help, and he’s handled it for years. He asks her to promise not to tell anyone.

Episode 5 gives a flavour of what it’s like living with someone with bipolar.

Victor is made out to be an ex-jock

While out watching a band that Benji plays for, Andrew tries convincing Victor to join the basketball team and says a few players will get used to it. But, he also says Victor is the least “gay gay” person ever. And then, Benji’s band members call Victor an ex-jock and describes him as Benji’s straight man fantasy.

After the band performs, Victor is not in a good mood — he tells Benji that he doesn’t like being looked at like a “dumb jock.” He decides to leave and go home early. It is all happening all at once for Victor.

Andrew doesn’t give up on Victor

Andrew leaves Lucy and Mia at the bar and finds Victor on a basketball court, so he throws some hoops with him. He knows Victor loves playing the sport. Victor brings up the “gay gay” comment and asks what happens if he decides to “gayer”. Andrew says he doesn’t care, and if anyone has a problem, they can answer to him. However, Victor doesn’t believe Andrew wants to risk his reputation for him.

Lucy and Andrew’s relationship ain’t all that

Mia tells Lucy that she makes Andrew happy. However, Lucy states that they have nothing in common, so she’s surprised they’ve lasted this long. Lucy asks Mia about her and Andrew — she feels at the lake house they looked at each other in a “certain way.” Mia says they hooked up once a long time ago. Lucy is surprised that she doesn’t feel weird about it.

Of course, the story is leaning towards Mia and Andrew becoming an item.

Pink hair and solidarity

And then comes a landmark moment in the series that shows the strength in solidarity and weeding out homophobic behavior.

Andrew invites Victor to the changing room; when Victor arrives, all the players have pink hair — Andrew says he can be as gay as he wants; he also got rid of a homophobic player. Then, in a basketball game, Benji comes to watch — he tells Victor that if basketball makes him happy, he will be a “basketball boyfriend.” Benji then dances for him with a few girls.

A serious dinner

Victor’s parents go for dinner together, and they are excited to be around each other. Isabel jumps right in, and she says her affair with Roger broke her, and it’s her fault. Armando believes they separated is because they got stuck in a pattern. They then talk about Victor, and Isabel explains she spoke to the priest, and she wonders what’s happening to her son. Armando tells Isabel that if she isn’t going to change with him, then he doesn’t know what the future holds — he seems more willing to learn to accept that Victor is gay — this is a dealbreaker for him.

The ending

Andrew tells Mia that Lucy broke up with him, and he finds it ironic it happened after she spoke to her. He’s cool about it, though. Andrew raises how Mia always pushes him to be a better person. Mia enjoys his words, and they are soon kissing each other.

Solidarity and pink hair — Love, Victor season 2, episode 5 shows how important it is to support and include each other, regardless of background.

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