Love, Victor season 2, episode 6 recap – “Sincerely, Rahim”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 11, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Hulu series Love, Victor season 2, episode 6 - Sincerely, Rahim


Episode 6 deals with commitment issues, mental health issues, and the conflict of outdated religious beliefs in modern-day society. The themes feel way stronger in season 2.

This recap of Hulu’s Love, Victor season 2, episode 6, “Sincerely, Rahim,” contains spoilers.

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A character named Rahim, a young man in a Muslim family, reaches out to Victor and asks for advice — he’s gay, and he’s heard his story. Victor is essentially taking Simon’s role — being a role model and a person of comfort for someone going through something he went through.

Victor is unsure how to give Rahim advice when he isn’t even on healthy terms with his mother. So he confides with Benji about it.

Trying to offer Felix support

Lake’s mother, Georgina, comes to Felix’s house to thank Dawn for having Lake over for dinner. Felix talks to Georgina privately — she knows about his mother’s bipolar. Felix tells her he doesn’t need her help.

Later on, Lake visits Felix because he wasn’t answering her texts. She didn’t have any idea that her mother was going to show up. She says her mother is amazing when it comes to situations like this and that there’s nothing wrong with receiving help. Lake raises a family psychiatrist that they have, and she tells Felix that his mother can use them free of charge.

Felix is not used to being cared for, and it’s sad to see a young character refusing help when he’s in the weeds.

Meeting Rahim

Pilar brings Rahim over to their house to meet Victor. Isabel walks in, and Rahim introduces himself to her. She asks him if he’d like to stay for dinner. During the meal, Rahim tells Isabel that he’s not confident that his parents will accept him if he “comes out.” Isabel offers him words of reassurance, and she hopes he doesn’t give up on his parents. She explains how you raise a child believing you know everything about them.

Victor is surprised by his mother’s kind words, and he tells Benji about it. Benji is happy for him, but he is downbeat that Isabel was never kind to him. It’s a good point by Benji, to be fair — he must feel ousted by Victor’s family.


Mia hasn’t got a lot of time to think about her awkwardness with Andrew as her father’s partner has gone into labour, so she has to take her to the hospital.

The mother-to-be describes how attached she is to the baby already and reveals her struggles of having a miscarriage in the past.

Felix’s mother declines the offer for a psychiatrist

It gets from bad to worse from Felix — he will feel like his whole world is falling apart.

Felix broaches the idea of a new psychiatrist to his mother, Dawn. However, the mother feels like a charity case and does not want to accept it as she’s the parent — she says, “thank you, but no thank you.”

Dawn approaches Georgina, and she’s visibly upset and feels like she’s trying to take her son from her. Then, she gets increasingly irritated and starts to panic.

Dawn is placed in a facility for three days due to her breakdown. Felix tells Lake that he’s a minor and a social worker could move him. Lake believes they can get through this together, but he says there is no “we.”

This feels like the end of a relationship, which is a shame because they were well-suited after season 1.

A visit to church

When Victor heads to the church, the priest knows that he’s come out as gay and says he will “return to the Lord soon.” At the service, Isabel sings, and Victor suddenly feels uncomfortable. He believes his mother is trying to pray him into being straight — he confronts Isabel about it, and he’s disappointed how she can’t overcome this.

Isabel tells Victor that she was taught from a very young age that being gay was shameful; she doesn’t think like that anymore, but it was ingrained in her. Isabel promises that the next time Benji comes over, she will be welcoming and kind. She also promises that they can tell his brother together.

There’s a lot to unpack here; religious foundations have clearly impacted Isabel’s perspective, and it’s indicative of attitudes in certain areas of society today when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community; it proves there is a long way to go to get it right.

Mia is afraid of being left

At the hospital, Andrew turns up to make sure Mia is okay. She tells him she’s glad he’s here but feels guilty about how she treated him when he felt she wasn’t committed to the relationship earlier. She reveals she has gotten used to people she cares about leaving her. Andrew tells Mia that he isn’t going anywhere.

The ending of Love, Victor season 2, episode 6

Victor tells Benji about progress with his mother, but it still feels like an issue between them. Felix heads over to Victor’s apartment with his caseworker and asks if he can stay for a few days. Isabel accepts and hugs a sobbing Felix. The weight and stress of the situation have finally broken him.

Episode 6 deals with commitment issues, mental health issues, and the conflict of outdated religious beliefs in modern-day society. The themes feel way stronger in season 2,

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