Live is Life ending explained – the end of childhood

July 19, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Live is Life and contains spoilers.

From our review: Rodri, is a restless schoolboy desperate to escape the shackles of the classroom and can’t wait to rush into the welcoming arms of Summer and the opportunity to catch up with his friends. Once reunited with his ‘Gang’, they devise a plan, to go on a hiking trip, camp out overnight and pick the leaves of a local flower, rumored to have magic restorative powers which they plan to give to one of the gang, Suso’s Father, who is in a coma following an accident.

After the party, Alvaro confronts Sioux the biker, telling him that whilst he may or may not be dying, he at least knows that he is loved by his family and friends. Sioux looks as though he might engage Alvaro in a fight, his brother Maza leaps into action and finally gets to use those Karate skills of his and beats up the bully. 

After the fight, the boys take Alvaro to the woods to rest and regroup, still carrying the baby. They resolve to get the flower and reaffirm their commitment to face it together, always. 

They make a fire and make their wishes, which leads to Rodri throwing his school report in the fire, to the amusement of the others.  

Suso finds, and unfolds a piece of paper that reveals that in 10 days, Alvaro’s arm will be cut off, Maza explains that his brother doesn’t want them to know and just wanted one more day of carefree fun with them. We don’t know if he’ll be okay.

Day breaks and the boys are on the hike to collect the flower with mythical properties.

They put the flowers in the whiskey they stole from the house with the pool and agree to give Alvaro their shares, as he needs all of their combined strength. He takes a slug of the whisky and they plot their return to real life, this time in style. They steal a tractor and ride it all the way home.

On their return, they first visit the hospital to drop off Baby Hope to ensure that she gets the best start in life and deliver the magic potion to Suso’s Dad. 

Netflix film Live is Life ending explained

After depositing Hope in the hospital along with a note, they make their way to Suso’s Dad’s room where he remains in his Coma.

Suso pours the whiskey into his mouth with the help of Maza, and the rest of the boys step back to give Suso some space. Suso speaks to his Dad and pours his heart out, telling him that he loves him and that he doesn’t want to lose him. He hopes the magic potion works because he’ll be lost without him. 

At this moment, we see Suso as he is, both a frightened little boy and young man shouldering the responsibilities of an adult. The other boys appear to share this revelation and reflect on the realities of their own situations. 

They make their home and the boys beak up, Garri hands out his precious trading cards in a gesture of goodwill and another symbolic way to ‘put away childish things’. 

Finally, it’s just Rodri and Suso left. Suso reassures his friend that he’ll be okay, and reminds him that whilst intelligence is a gift, kindness is a choice. They embrace and all go their separate ways.

Rodri returns home and decides to face his parents and confront his academic failures.

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