Love, Victor season 3 – who does Victor end up with?

By Adam Lock
Published: June 15, 2022 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Love, Victor season 3 – who does Victor end up with

This article, “who does Victor end up with” contains spoilers regarding Hulu’s Love, Victor season 3.

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The second season’s finale ended with Victor rushing to the home of the person he’d chosen. The viewers were left in the dark over this decision, having to wait a whole year to find out who Victor went with, was it Benji or Rahim? The premiere quickly answered this conundrum, with Victor choosing Benji, but that isn’t the end of his story. There was a whole season’s worth of ups and downs to contend with first. So who does Victor end up with by the end credits of season three?

Let’s roll back to episode one, “It’s You” to start with. Here, Victor clearly chose Benji, his first true love. Our lead admits as much, rambling on about how Benji changed his life and made him realize he was lying to himself. He declares his love for Benji and the two kiss. Rejoice, Victor is happily in love once more, let’s end the series there then shall we? No, unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little while longer for your stereotypical Disney-themed happy ending. Victor has some obstacles to overcome before the season concludes.

The first major issue is Benji’s drinking problem. The teens celebrate their reunion with a car ride, although Benji has secretly been drinking earlier in the night. They’re stopped for a random police check and have to swap seats so Benji isn’t arrested. This incident forces Benji to reconsider his lifestyle choices and he decides to check himself into rehab to try and fight this alcohol dependency. When he returns from rehab, Benji breaks up with Victor, expressing how the relationship has become an emotional trigger for him and they need to spend some time apart.

It takes Victor a while to readjust to the single life, but he is brave and puts himself out there. At first Victor starts to hook-up with new fling, Nick. This muscly teen admits to sleeping around and only wanting a casual romance, but Victor clearly wants something more. He goes along with the setup for a while, yet an STD scare makes him realize that this isn’t the life for him. They split up and Victor joins a dating app.

Love, Victor season 3 – who does Victor end up with?

Victor uses an alias on the dating app, going by the name Diego. Diego starts to flirt with a man named Lucas and the two decide to meet up. In a shock twist, Lucas ends up being Benji and the two go on an awkward date. Benji opens up to Victor about his anxieties and his confusion over their relationship. Benji is unsure whether Victor is a good or a bad influence on him, he just wants to keep things simple in the meantime. Then Benji’s father threatens Victor, telling him to stay away.

Victor tries to forget about Benji (again) and starts dating Nick (again), who now seems eager to be in a proper relationship. Nick tries to make an effort with flowers and real dates. They become a couple, going on double dates and supporting one another. Nick even attends an award ceremony, where Victor delivers his big ‘bravery’ speech. Nick realizes that Victor isn’t over Benji and they mutually break up. Victor rushes over to Benji’s house to declare his love to the teen once more, but he’s too late. Benji is all packed for boarding school.

In the season finale, “Brave”, Victor looks on as all his friends and family seem happily paired off. He walks over to a Ferris wheel, taking the ride alone. Just as the ride is about to depart, Benji arrives on the scene. It’s a touching moment, as Benji and Victor reunite, kissing at the carnival. So there you have it, after much toing and froing, Victor ends up with Benji again. And I’m sure they live happily ever after together.

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