Love, Victor season 3 – does Mia move to Palo Alto?

By Adam Lock
Published: June 15, 2022 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Love, Victor season 3 – does Mia move to Palo Alto - hulu series

This article, “does Mia move to Palo Alto” contains spoilers regarding Hulu’s Love, Victor season 3.

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At the end of season two on Love, Victor, Mia’s father married his new girlfriend Veronica at a dramatic wedding ceremony. Mia’s father Harold then explained how he was taking a job in California and that they were planning on moving to Palo Alto. Mia’s life, relationships and schooling is obviously tied down to Creekwood and the decision to move to another state isn’t one she would take likely. Season three focuses on Mia’s struggles to choose between her friends and her family in one major life-changing decision.

For Mia, season three starts with a trip to meet her distant mother, to do some soul searching and get some advice. They haven’t spoken much in five years and Mia’s boyfriend Andrew doesn’t even try to hide his indifference towards her. Mia and her mother talk about Harold’s marriage and the fact he is taking a job in California, adding that he doesn’t care what Mia wants. The mother has seen this selfish streak before, although she was equally self-absorbed when divorcing the man and uprooting Mia’s family. The daughter tries to convince her mother to move to Creekwood so she can avoid making this horrific decision, but she declines.

Love, Victor season 3 – does Mia move to Palo Alto?

In anticipation of her impending move across country to California, Mia decides to throw a party. Afterwards she has the bright idea of staying at her friend Lake’s house and makes the suggestion to Harold. Mia moves in with Lake and the teens play happy families for a while. The only gripe comes when Veronica is in labour and Mia fears she’s missing out on a joyous life event. She can’t make it to California in time to see her baby brother be born and appears hurt by the situation, having no control over things. Boyfriend of the year Andrew is to the rescue though, somehow managing to video chat with the happy couple, introducing Mia to her new brother.

The idea of a long distance relationship and talk of classmate’s future plans has a profound effect on Mia, who starts to contemplate her own future and the idea of moving to Palo Alto. They travel out to meet with her baby brother and the trip spurs on Mia to finally make a decision. Her only worry is in telling Andrew, someone who has already sacrificed so much for her. She tells Lake first, in the season finale and then finds the courage to inform Andrew as well. Mia believes they’ll have to break up, but Andrew wants to fight to make things work. In the end Mia decides to try a long distance relationship with Andrew, but is adamant about moving. The final episode works as a goodbye of sorts for Mia, who tries to live in the moment at the carnival, knowing she will be leaving them all for Palo Alto the next week.

It’s quite a sad ending, yet I believe Mia made the right decision. Hopefully Andrew can move out to California in the future and all Mia’s friends will surely visit as much as they can. Sometimes blood is thicker than water and you have to put family first.

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