Love, Victor season 3 – does Benji overcome his drinking problem?

By Adam Lock
Published: June 15, 2022 (Last updated: March 3, 2023)
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Love, Victor season 3 – does Benji overcome his drinking problem - hulu series

This article, “does Benji overcome his drinking problem” contains spoilers regarding Hulu’s Love, Victor season 3.

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During the first season of Love, Victor, Benji confides in Victor that he once almost died from a drink-driving incident, when he crashed his car whilst drunk. He believes his chequered past of alcohol abuse all stems from his denial of his own sexuality. We learn that Benji attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and doesn’t drink alcohol at all anymore in the hopes of staying sober. The troubling issue returns in season three’s opening episode, when Benji is nearly arrested due to his alcohol misuse.

Victor reunites with Benji and the two go out to celebrate. Benji drives intoxicated and panics when they come across a random police check. Victor swaps seats with Benji, yet is disappointed in his partner. Benji has fallen off the wagon once more and kept it secret from everyone. The event persuades Benji to seek professional help and he books himself into rehab. This time around Benji is determined to fight the deadly disease, but does he overcome his drinking problem by the end of the series?

Alcohol addiction is an awful and tricky topic to address, but the show runners manage to tackle the issue with respect and authenticity. When Benji returns from rehab he decides to break up with Victor, stating that his boyfriend is an emotional trigger for him, someone who could unwittingly restart his drinking problem. They have a history of falling out and the emotional turmoil could trigger a relapse. Victor is heartbroken but accepts Benji’s wishes. The couple spend most of the remainder of the season apart, with Benji continuing to attend AA meetings.

At one meeting, Benji plucks up the courage to express his worries and talks to the group. He explains how staying away from Victor is torture and he’s unsure whether Victor is a help or a hindrance to his sobriety. The leader of the group suggests that Benji does what he thinks is right and the teen has a light bulb moment. He rushes over to Victor’s to declare his love, but finds his ex is kissing Nick. Feeling trapped and with nothing keeping him in Creekwood, Benji decides to attend boarding school for a fresh start.

Love, Victor season 3 – does Benji overcome his drinking problem?

In the finale, Benji packs for boarding school, although Victor pays him a visit. The teen explains how he hasn’t moved on from his first love and that he doesn’t believe he causes Benji to relapse. Victor says he loves Benji, but is unfortunately too late. Benji is stubbornly set on his plans to leave and rejects our lovable lead. Victor attends the carnival and watches as all his friends enjoy life with their partners. As you will be aware, Benji chooses Victor in the end and the two are reunited, again.

Benji’s sobriety is never mentioned again after that AA meeting, with that subplot falling to the wayside. I would like to believe that Victor is right, he doesn’t cause Benji to relapse. It seemed from the flashbacks that it was more to do with his father’s homophobia and the parents’ struggles to accept his sexuality that caused Benji to drink. His relationship with Victor had its ups and downs, but they seem stronger now than ever in the finale. Alcoholism is a vicious and relentless addiction that never truly goes away, hopefully Victor can help support Benji with his sobriety and the two can work together moving forwards.

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