Love, Victor season 2, episode 9 recap – “Victor’s Day Off” On a break.

June 11, 2021
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Episode 9 shows the heartache of been on a break from someone you love — the chapter shows the naivety of young love while exploring who you are.

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Episode 9 shows the heartache of been on a break from someone you love — the chapter shows the naivety of young love while exploring who you are.

This recap of Hulu’s Love, Victor season 2, episode 9, “Victor’s Day Off,” contains spoilers.

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“Breaks” from a relationship is always complex — what does it mean? Sometimes it literally means a short break, but it can also mean a slow break-up, with that awful inevitability. So Victor finds himself in limbo.

Episode 9 opens up with Victor telling Simon that he doesn’t have his s**t together — he tells him that he and Benji are on a break. And then, Isabel tells Victor that they are quitting the church, and she’s found a less homophobic establishment. However, Victor is too down to talk about it. At school, Victor tells Rahim about his break from Benji. Rahim suggests that they skip school for the day.

Breakfast with Rahim

Rahim takes Victor for breakfast that’s a Benji-free zone, so Victor isn’t reminded of him. And then, Rahim reveals he told his family that he’s gay. His parents were happy for him, and they already knew. He thanks Victor for helping him be brave.

Victor learns that his father is dating someone

As they eat, Victor sees his father with another woman named Shelby — Armando asks why he isn’t in school, but Rahim covers for him. Armando drags Victor away and explains he’s on a date, but he states he isn’t giving up on his mother. He tells Victor to head back to class, or he’ll tell his mother he’s skipping school.

Meeting Charlie

We then get insight into Rahim’s love life, which has not gotten off a brilliant start.

They don’t return to school immediately, and Rahim shows Victor the dating app he uses to find gay men. Victor tells Rahim to meet up with the man he’s messaging. They head to the cafe, and Charlie, the man from the app, turns up. Rahim introduces himself, but Charlie says he’s different from what he pictured and that he goes for more masculine guys, so he leaves the cafe. Rahim is a little deflated and embarrassed, but Victor calls Charlie a dick and calls Rahim “super handsome” and a catch.

Gay club

Victor and Rahim decide to sneak into a gay club through the back door. At the bar, they talk about their types, and Victor says that Benji is his type. Rahim says he’s never kissed a man before.

Isabel and Victor have a wonderful moment together

The pair then go on the karaoke together. As they sing, Isabel finds them in the club, and she is furious. Victor raises how he knows his father is seeing someone, but the reason he’s upset is that he thinks Benji breaking up with him. He didn’t tell his mother because she thought it might make her happy. Isabel tells her son that he will find another young man who is right for him. The mother and son hug it out.

This is the most progress Victor and his mother have made so far, and it was wonderful to watch.

The ending of Love, Victor season 2, episode 9

Victor takes Rahim home, and he thanks him for supporting him. Rahim returns the appreciation. As they say goodnight, they look at each other for a short while before walking away. As Victor gets back in the car, Benji rings him. He tells Victor that they need more time to figure things out.

Episode 9 shows the heartache of been on a break from someone you love — the chapter shows the naivety of young love while exploring who you are.

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1 thought on “Love, Victor season 2, episode 9 recap – “Victor’s Day Off”

  • June 11, 2021 at 10:38 am

    Overly dramatic & cluttered cliff-hanger ending, especially the lame “who will Victor choose” romantic nonsense! Season 1 was a long slow-tease about Victor’s close friendship and budding potential romance with Benji. And most of Season 2 is Victor and Benji facing the ups and downs of being an “out” gay teen couple. Benji is a loving and supportive partner to Victor, somehow managing to put up with Victor’s issues and Isabel’s divisive bullshit until he finally and justifiably loses his cool.

    However, despite all of this relationship history between Victor and Benji, the writers basically insult the emotional intelligence of viewers by leaving us in “suspense” for the next year wondering IF Victor will choose boyfriend Benji or a recently “out” gay newbie with whom Victor has only hung out with a few times during his relationship “break”! Ridiculous invented “drama” which realistically only has one obvious and credible outcome. Could we not have given Victor and Benji a well-deserved moment of happiness after dealing with so much external bullshit thrown at them both during this second season? There were plenty of other relationship cliff-hangers for the writers to milk aside from poor “Venji”!:)
    Rahim seems destined for his own spin-off which will hopefully give Pilar more to do than just pine for Felix in yet another tiresome “Love Triangle” which the writers seemed obsessed with this new season:(

    Victor will not “choose” Rahim because it makes ZERO logical sense for so many reasons which shouldn’t require in-depth explanation to viewers who have watched him grow and develop, thanks in large part to Benji. over the past 2 seasons!
    Bottom-line > it’s a stupid and unnecessary misstep by the writers and producers to work fans into a frenzy over a no-brainer decision for Victor which he shouldn’t even be having to make given his long romantic history with Benji vs a few times hanging out with Rahim as a new friend & mentor!

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