Love, Victor season 2, episode 8 recap – “The Morning After”

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 11, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Hulu series Love, Victor season 2, episode 8 recap - The Morning After


Episode 8 delves into trust issues and conflicts with outdated religious values as all the characters appear to be moving to a pivotal point.

This recap of Hulu’s Love, Victor season 2, episode 8, “The Morning After,” contains spoilers.

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Episode 7 saw one relationship ending, and episode 8 shows the other couples in jeopardy — the series is doing well to drip-feed complications in the story.

Episode 8 begins with Benji and Victor hooking up intensely, and Isabel catches them. There’s an instant shock, and Victor is irritated. Isabel tells Victor she’s struggling to wrap her head around the situation as it is, and she questions why Victor would do “that” with his brother in the next room. Benji is offended, as he can sense that Isabel is insinuating her issue is with gay sex. He doesn’t believe she’d act like this if Victor were with a girl. And then, Victor’s brother appears, and Benji reveals that he’s Victor’s boyfriend. Isabel and Victor ask Benji to leave.

The next morning, Armando comes over to talk to Victor’s brother Adrian with the family. He’s completely understanding, and ironically, more understanding than his mother.

This represents that the younger generation understands modern values and how efforts to increase representation and diversity work for young people.

Mia’s father has a job offer

And then an issue for another relationship.

Mia learns that her father has a job secured at Stanford next year, and he wants her opinion on it. He wants to make sure she’s okay with it. Mia is understanding and states he’s worked hard for this.

At lunch at school the next day, Mia tells Andrew and her friends that she might be moving. Andrew doesn’t believe her father should change Mia’s life so drastically, but Mia doesn’t feel like there’s a choice.

Victor expects Benji to apologize

Victor wants Benji to apologize for what he did, but Benji disagrees and is annoyed. Benji believes that his mother looks disgusted because they are gay, but Victor says it is disgusting to walk in on your children having sex, and he doesn’t have the privilege of having liberal white parents. Benji storms off.

There’s so much to unpack here, including the presumed sense of cultural differences that the couple is battling with.

Felix and Pilar?

With the other relationships breaking down, is a new one blossoming?

Felix tells Pilar that he had fun with her the night before, especially after a hectic week. The next day, Pilar wonders if Felix likes her. Rahim calls her hot and tells her to text him and make plans. Later on, Pilar hangs with Felix for coffee. Felix talks about his mother’s progress, and Pilar reassures him. Pilar tells Felix he should be proud of himself and that it’s inspiring. Felix tells Pilar that she’s the most thoughtful person he’s ever met. Pilar kisses him, and he’s shocked, but then she walks off embarrassed.

Victor confides with Rahim

Victor confides with Rahim about his argument with Benji in the dark photography room. He reveals Benji has had some problems with drinking in the past and breaks down the issues he’s had with his mother. Rahim is completely understanding of his situation and believes it will all work out. Victor then heads to Benji’s house, and he meets Hank, Benji’s sponsor.

You can tell at this stage that none of this is going to end well.

Andrew loves Mia

Lake tells Andrew that she can’t lose another important person in her life after losing Felix. Andrew tells her that he loves Mia and she’s going to be ripped away from him. As he says that, Mia walks in — she overheard. Mia reciprocates. Andrew asks her to fight, “for us.”

Mia asks her father to choose her this time

Mia speaks to her father and reveals her mother emailed her out of the blue. He tells her father that she chooses him, but she wonders why he never chooses her. She explains she never asks him for anything and wonders if, on this occasion, they can stay. Her father agrees and states he’ll tell Stanford that he can’t go. After this emotional conversation, Mia deletes the email she got from her mother.

Mia’s father rings Stanford and tells them that he cannot wait to get to work. He’s betrayed his assurances for Mia. This was an awful moment for the father; his ambition exceeded the love for his father — it feels selfish and unwarranted.

Isabel quits the church

Adrian asks his mother if Victor is going to hell after speaking to Father at church. Isabel tells Adrian that Father is wrong, and the Bible can be interpreted in many ways. It’s all about people’s love in their hearts.

Isabel meets the Father of the church and confronts him about the “hell” comment. She tells him that Victor needs support, and Adrian accepted his brother instantly. She knows God loves her son. She quits the church and asks Father to find a new music director.

A significant moment for Isabel, who is beginning to embrace who her son Victor is!

The ending of Love, Victor season 2, episode 8

Victor tells Benji that he cannot just disappear. Benji says this is why he didn’t tell him that he goes to AA — he doesn’t want Victor to think he breaks down and drinks alcohol. The couple wonders what’s going on with them with all the fighting. Victor shows Benji a photo of them both from the darkroom, but then his phone shows a text from Rahim, wondering if Benji is okay.

Benji is wondering why Rahim is asking if he’s okay. Victor admits he told him about his drinking — he apologizes, but Benji feels he can’t trust him. Benji asks for a break. Oh dear!

Episode 8 delves into trust issues and conflicts with outdated religious values as all the characters appear to be moving to a pivotal point.

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  • Felix tells Pilar that he had fun with her the night before, especially after a hectic week.

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