Trying season 3 review – feel good TV that deserves a bigger audience

July 20, 2022
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British wit and wholesome charm will surely put a smile on your face. This Apple original highlights the importance of family and a meaningful support network of friends.

This review of the Apple TV+ series Trying season 3 does not contain any major spoilers.

The endearing Apple original returns for a third outing this July, focusing on the lead couple’s fight to keep their newly acquired foster children, whilst navigating parenthood for the first time and the many trials of everyday life. With Rafe Spall (The Big Short) and Esther Smith as our believable central duo, this low-key comedy is in safe hands, providing ample amounts of British wit and wholesome charm. It’s the kind of feel-good series that we need right now, sure to put a smile on your face.

Season two ended with the couple finally completing their lengthy quest to become parents, when they were offered the chance to foster a daughter called Princess. Nikki and Jason were unable to bring her brother Tyler home as well though, but the cheeky blighter managed to sneak his way home anyway in the boot of their car, joining the family unit in an unofficial capacity. The third season’s premiere addresses this discrepancy straight away, with the newly appointed parents having to return poor Tyler back into the foster system the day after his arrival.

In season three, the lovable couple must battle once more, this time as they try to keep their foster children on a permanent basis, before facing a judge in twelve weeks’ time for a final verdict. Along the way, they must learn to bond with the foster children and build their trust up. It’s a heart-warming scenario that is rife with adorable moments. This is after all a feel good comedy that promotes family and friendships above all else. The couple’s friends and family are always on hand to be supportive and are happy to fight their corner if needed.

This series also delves deeper into the lives of these secondary characters. We find Freddy (Oliver Chris) struggling to cope with his own loneliness, whilst Scott (The Outlaws’ Darren Boyd) and Karen (Sian Brooke) have many new life events to deal with. Nikki and Jason’s parents are always just a phone call away, eager to guide their children through this wacky new world of parenting. It’s all designed to elicit the most emotional impact possible and it manages to do so without appearing manipulative or mawkish.

Rafe Spall and Esther Smith appear effortlessly natural in their roles with engaging on-screen chemistry. The comedy may sometimes swerve into the madcap or unbelievable, but not for one second do you doubt this relationship at the heart of the series. They bring charisma and ease to their portrayals of budding parents, who will stop at nothing to make this family unit work.

To conclude, season 3 of Trying is just as magical as the first two installments. The humor is top quality, with that infectious British sarcasm and some hilarious sitcom setups, whilst the show is bursting with heart-felt emotion. This isn’t a soppy affair, but it will move you as these underdogs try their darnedest to make their foster children feel safe and loved. It’s just a shame nobody is talking about this hidden TV gem.

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1 thought on “Trying season 3 review – feel good TV that deserves a bigger audience

  • September 3, 2022 at 5:08 am

    A++… probably one of the best series I’ve watched ever, and the season 3 finale was perfection. All day today, after watching it last night (twice!!), I listened to the soundtrack and teared up from the memory. Excellent writing and performances by the whole cast, and the truly make you feel that they are a real family. Now, do we have to wait a year for season 4? I hope not.

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