‘Trying’ Season 5 Could Be On The Cards After Cast Tease Season 4 Cliffhanger

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 26, 2024 (Last updated: 1 weeks ago)
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Why wouldn’t anyone want a season 5 of Trying? Nikki and Jason are everyone’s favorite parents, and Season 4 only elevates that feeling as they embrace the challenge of adopting. There are six years between seasons 3 and 4, but the story has remained consistent. Season 5 is not confirmed (yet), but the leading cast is already ramping up fans to demand one.

Recently, Rafe Spall and Esther Smith, the actors who play Nikki and Jason (and are together in real life), were interviewed on Virgin Radio. The question was asked about a fifth season, which got a shy response from Esther Smith, who said:

“I have to say. It’s [the end of season 4] a bit of a cliffhanger. So I wonder. It would be lovely to do a series five.”

In the same interview, Rafe Spall agrees with those sentiments by saying:

“I hope so. It’d be good. I’d be happy to do this show. I love it for many reasons. I think it’s good, funny.”

So it’s at least confirmed that the leading cast members would at least take part in a Season 5 if Apple were to renew it.

It would be stupid for  Apple TV+ to cancel it at this point. It’s popular and endearing with fans. Fortunately, Apple does not operate on the same operation as Netflix when it comes to viewing statistics. It appears the company invests in quality only rather than being concerned with watch hours. This is why, when Shantaram was popular on their platform but was getting panned by critics in the industry, Apple dropped it for Season 2.

My guess is that Apple is gearing up for a partnership with one of the big streamers and is using quality as leverage. But back to Trying, it’s clear that as long as the cast wants to stay together, there will always be a story.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead – Do Not Tell Me I Did Not Warn You]

What could Trying Season 5 be about?

‘Trying’ Season 5 could continue focusing on Princess and her mission to reconnect with her birth mom (Credit – Apple TV+)

At the end of Season 4. we saw the return of Kat, Princess’s birth mom. In the penultimate chapter, Nikki heads to Mallorca alone to see Kat, and she leaves heartbroken, as the birth mom disappears before she can answer questions for Princess.

However, the real heartbreak is when Nikki has to lie to Princess about seeing Kat as she does not want to hurt her even more. This will surely come back to bite Nikki. There’s a theme in the series that when Nikki tries to lie or squirm her way out of things, it always slaps her in the face.

Princess, played by Scarlett Rayner, is clearly focal in season 4, so it would make sense if her story continued well into season 5. It’s Nikki and Jason’s biggest problem yet with adopting, so it would be a little deflating if this part of the story ended before it even started.

I look forward to Apple renewing this series for season 5. It would be bonkers if they didn’t. 

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