Trying season 3, episode 7 recap – “What a Banker”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 26, 2022
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Scott and Karen’s subplot comes into its own, and they battle Nikki and Jason for the cutest couple award. It’s another heart-warming installment as both couples fight for happiness.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Trying season 3, episode 7, “What a Banker,” contains spoilers.

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Andy Wolton’s comedy series closes in on its latest season finale, with the judge’s verdict only a week away now. There’s lots of drama in store for Nikki and Jason before this final judgment though, as the foster children’s grandmother launches a complaint, they struggle with financial issues, and hopes of keeping their family home look in jeopardy. The feel-good British hit looks to be heading towards a real downer in the penultimate episode.

Trying season 3, episode 7 recap

“What a Banker” opens with sisters Karen and Nikki fast-walking towards a glamorous party, with Jason and the in-laws not far behind. Scott is launching his debut novel, titled ‘What a Banker’, with an extravagant party, that he happens to be paying for. The expensive party is fitted with cardboard cut-outs of the writer, dressed as your stereotypical Wall Street banker. The gang feel totally out of place at this event, but try their best to fit in. In the meantime, Nikki is still giving Jason the cold shoulder and hasn’t forgiven him for all his costly lies. Jason has started a new job to help support the family through these money woes, but it isn’t enough.

The couple chat out on the veranda. Jason apologizes for his misdeeds and tries to explain himself. He wanted to provide solutions not problems and naively put too much faith in Scott, the bumbling investment banker. Nikki is angry that Jason made these decisions without her input or knowledge and then rejects his attempts to kiss and make up. This falling out won’t be solved with a few magic words it would seem.

Inside the party, Karen is angry herself. She wasn’t aware of the comedy aspect to Scott’s writing and queries him about the novel’s target audience. Scott tries to put a positive spin on things, but Karen can see right through his lies. She decides to make a stand, she scoops up all the food and drink, and then the family do a runner. It’s a welcomed return to the show’s usual hijinks, as they scarper, swiping as much merch as they can carry.

Back at the house, Tyler overhears the foster parents arguing. They’re both trying to make things work the best they can, but it’s hard. Jason’s friend Freddie is inundating them with gift bags and Jason has bought a silly little teddy bear for Tyler, hoping to replace the wrench he has grown quite fond of. Nikki says the teddy bear is too small and needs swapping, but Tyler misinterprets this conversation, thinking that they are actually talking about replacing him. The boy panics and goes to measure his height upstairs.

Nikki clearly has a lot on her plate, but to top things off, she still needs to fire Jen. She invites her co-worker around for a girl’s night in and struggles to broach the subject. Ditsy Jen says she might be depressed and worries her girlfriend wants to sleep with other people. Nikki misses her chance to make the announcement and then drives her friend home.

Scott starts a new, more serious novel, spurred on by Karen’s wake-up call, but he can’t seem to get past the first line. Karen comes in to help and ends up writing the novel herself. It’s another precious moment as Scott looks on with admiration at his wife, who supports him through these setbacks, always fighting his corner.

The ending

Jason avoids a serious chat of his own and ditches Nikki to go to work. Things have gotten so desperate between the soul mates that she has to order his specific taxi to finish off the conversation. Nikki sits in the front seat next to Jason and openly discusses their relationship issues. Meanwhile, Jen babysits the foster children, hyping them up on sugary treats and caffeine. Nikki talks about how the couple are drifting apart and she ponders the accuracy of Bev’s complaint. Maybe they aren’t fit to be parents after all? The couple make up with very little actually being said, accepting that they are worthy parents after all. It seems that just addressing the issue might have been enough.

On a roll, Nikki finally braves a similarly awkward conversation with Jen and fires her friend, telling her to take herself more seriously in life and advising her to aim higher. It’s quite an emotional exchange. Jen then gets back together with her girlfriend and applies for a new job, dressing smartly for the occasion. Tyler’s pajamas shrink in the wash thanks to Jen’s awful parenting skills and he rejoices, believing that he’s grown enough so that his foster parents won’t replace him. The next morning, Jason notices that the flat has been sold and he receives a letter stating that the adoption pronouncement is only a week away.

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