Trying season 3, episode 6 recap – “Feelings Are the Worst”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022
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The feel-good moments in this series are renowned for being replaced with downcast ones as the family face many obstacles in another entertaining installment of the Apple original.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Trying season 3, episode 6, “Feelings Are the Worst,” contains spoilers.

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Last week’s instalment of Trying ended with the couple discovering that a seemingly random stranger called Bev was actually a relation of the foster children’s and may be planning her own devious scheme to split the happy family up. In “Feelings Are the Worst” the couple learn the harsh truth about Bev and all these minor issues simmering below the surface finally see the light of day. It’s a tough old time for Nikki and Jason as we draw nearer to the finale.

Trying season 3, episode 6 recap

Nikki worries that Bev has been stalking the couple and may be plotting to take the kids. Jason tries to calm her, but is a little paranoid himself. Nikki opened up to this woman and she may use their weaknesses against them. They meet with Noah, who reiterates that the judge’s verdict is only a few weeks away. He comforts the couple, saying that he’ll talk with Bev. She’s too old to take custody of the children, but Nikki and Jason worry she may be watching them, assessing their every move still.

Scott decides to hand his notice in and concentrates solely on his blog. A publisher is interested in his work and Scott meets up with the potential partner. Although, the company only see his blog as spoof satire, whilst Scott wasn’t going for humor at all. They think he’s a comedic genius, someone who has stumbled upon the next big comedy character of our times. Scott admits that he wasn’t joking, this is me, this is serious. The publisher responds with an ultimatum, he must decide whether to leave with his integrity or a cash payment.

Karen and Nikki meet up and find themselves at the same clothes shop as before. Princess tried to steal a gold bracelet from this place in last week’s eventful instalment, yet there is more drama to come. Nikki spots Bev and chases after the woman, inadvertently stealing the clothes she had in her arms at that very moment. Nikki can be an impulsive person and she just bolted after Bev. Unfortunately Nikki has collared the wrong person and on her return is accused of robbery.

The same security guard as before takes her and Karen to his office to await the police’s response. The sisters argue as they wait, with Nikki clearly jealous of Karen’s pregnancy. Karen hates being patronized for her current circumstances, but is struggling overall. She pretends to be feeling hot and stressed until the security guard allows them to leave without prosecution.

Noah organizes a meeting with Bev, who wants to know how her grandchildren are getting on. She brings up Tyler’s trip to the hospital, Jason’s drinking habit and Nikki’s issues with Princess. It would appear she is trying her very best to undermine the new parents, but then reverts back to a smiley, harmless grandmother stereotype in the next moment. After the meeting she offers the couple some treats. The couple worry she might have tried to poison them though.

Jason calls Scott for an update on the investment. He entrusted Scott with his life savings, hoping to double the money in no time. Scott says he’s actually lost Jason money though. He flies off the handle, infuriated by this unfortunate development. The argument brings a crushing reality to Scott’s own situation and he decides to accept the publishing deal after all. After the phone call, Jason discovers Bev sat at a bus stop behind him.

The ending

Tyler’s broken lamp Adam is thrown away and Jason asks his father to try to fix it. There’s humor to be found as they work surgically on the object, but it can’t be saved. The family have a funeral for the fallen comrade. Tyler reads the instruction manual and then they bury the item. Nikki bakes cookies, finding herself in competition with Bev, but her baking is awful compared to the grandmother’s. Then she receives a phone call from Noah. Bev has put in a complaint about the couple, saying they are unfit to be parents. She overheard Jason’s conversation with Scott and now Nikki is aware of his lies, that the flat is up for sale, they can’t afford to buy it, and Jason gambled all their life savings in the process. Jason is flabbergasted, unsure how to respond. Nikki looks heartbroken by this betrayal, but it has been a long time coming.

Jason instantly applies for work as a driver, and is sent an email informing them that they will have to vacate the apartment in two months’ time. The bad news just keeps on coming. Trying usually ends with a touching feel-good moment, but the only glimmer of hope comes in a shot of Tyler, who has replaced the lamp with one of his granddad’s tools instead. Hopefully the family can sort out their misfortune before they face the judge’s final verdict.

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