Trying season 3, episode 5 recap – “Pick a Side”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 12, 2022
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Trying season 3, episode 5 recap – “Pick a Side”


More small-scale feel-good moments as the characters try to better themselves. The formula feels a little repetitive now, but this cast remains as lovable as always.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Trying season 3, episode 5 contains spoilers.

Adorable lead couple Nikki and Jason have given their all to these foster children, but in episode five they find they must give a little bit more, as compromise becomes the word of the day. Jason has to make a tricky decision with regards his beloved football team and Nikki learns the hard way about tough love. Karen and Scott begin their journey towards parenthood with a baby scan and household chores to complete in the build-up to the big event.

Trying season 3, episode 5 recap

“Pick a Side” starts with Jason complaining about Tyler’s sacrilegious football secret, he doesn’t support Tottenham Hotspurs like he told his foster dad, but in fact loves rival team Arsenal. Jason struggles to be supportive, although Nikki couldn’t care less. She’s worried about firing the incompetent Jen and fears her relationship with Princess will never improve. On top of all this, the estate agents want to sell the flat and they’re not hiding it from the current inhabitants one bit. Jason still promises Nikki that they’ll be purchasing the apartment thanks to his dad’s deposit, but the owners are already re-carpeting.

Nikki meets with Jen at a fancy café and tries to talk her co-worker into starting a new business instead. Jen thinks Nikki’s talk about future plans and life goals means she’s going to offer her a promotion and Jen declines. She says that she’s happy with the job she has now, adding that her parents have never been prouder of her. Nikki has been given a week to sack Jen, but just can’t bring herself to do it.

The mother then goes shopping with Princess and her friends. Princess asks Nikki if she’ll buy her a golden bracelet, but it is far too expensive. Later, they go for food and Princess coerces Nikki into sitting alone, across the road, at an adjacent café. While Nikki intently spies on her foster child, a strange lady joins Nikki at her table. She introduces herself as Bev, a strongly opinionated, rough-looking woman. Nikki opens up to this stranger and divulges all her latest anxieties. Bev tells Nikki to be strong and recommends tough love with regards Princess.

Scott prepares for the pregnancy with the purchase of a journal and some cute baby shoes, but Karen just wants an old-fashioned handyman husband to fix her broken taps. She asks that he waits outside when she has her scan and implies that he’d probably faint otherwise. At the scan things take a turn for the traumatic when they can’t seem to find the baby’s heartbeat. Karen begs for them to fetch Scott and the supportive father comes running to her aid. Eventually they find a heartbeat and both shed a tear in a silent celebration.

Jason watches the football match at the local pub with Tyler and Freddy. Freddy explains that he’s launched his own group therapy session called Arseholes Anonymous, admitting that he is a bad person and wants to change for the better. Jason complains about the football dilemma and pretends to support Arsenal to appease Tyler, even wearing the full kit. Arsenal score and Tyler celebrates, although he trips and falls. Jason takes Tyler straight to the hospital and phones Nikki to update her on this eventful fall. Bev overhears Nikki on the phone, talking of Jason’s drinking and Tyler’s scrape. Nikki says she has to go and Bev advises her to be strong.

As Nikki and Princess head home, Nikki finds that Princess has stolen the golden bracelet and she’s marched straight back to the shop to return it. Scared of the security guard, Princess hides in a changing room and Nikki tries her best to comfort the foster child. Nikki admits that tough love won’t work as she’s been through enough already in her life. Princess confesses to wanting to cover up a birthmark with the bracelet. So what does Nikki do to make her feel better? She only goes and gets a matching birthmark tattoo, as you do.

Freddy’s AA meeting is a disaster and everyone leaves in unison. He decides to donate to charity instead. At the hospital, Tyler has a small bruise on his forehead, but is thankfully fine. He listens to the radio, hearing that Arsenal have won the football match and the foster child starts to chant. Tyler asks Jason to join in and the father starts quietly, yet in the end sings loud and proud. It’s a cute moment, Jason finally accepting the compromise and supporting Arsenal to please Tyler.

That night, Jason and Nikki are in bed at the end of a long, tiring day. Nikki starts to unpack Tyler’s belongings that have just arrived. Inside are lots of photographs, which they place around the house. In a surprise twist ending, Nikki finds one particular photo that includes Bev, with the children sat either side of her. Is Bev a family member? Was she spying on Nikki?

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