Trying season 3, episode 4 recap – “Little Steps”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 5, 2022
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Episode four is sure to brighten up your day with Rafe Spall’s expert comedic banter and some lovely feel-good moments that really warm the soul. This is just a delightful little treat.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Trying season 3, episode 4, “Little Steps,” contains spoilers.

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Jason and Nikki have succeeded in bonding with their new foster children thanks to a rather eventful weekend away now they must help them find their own friends in episode four of the series. The fresh-faced parents must throw an unforgettable party for birthday boy Tyler and help him make new friends in “Little Steps.” It’s another feel-good installment that is sure to brighten up your day.

Trying season 3, episode 4 recap

On their way to meet with council worker Noah, the parents rehearse facts about their foster children. Nikki wants Jason to know their birthdays, height and best friends’ names, all off by heart, in case they are tested on this information at the meeting. Jason doesn’t think they’ll go that in-depth, but appeases his partner anyway. Nikki is a bag of nerves at the meeting, awkwardly saying all the wrong things. Jason joins in with his own nervous energy, talking about football and Tyler’s love of a lamp. Noah suggests that they be role models for Tyler and teach him how to make new friends, leading by example. Then Jason’s phone goes off, playing a comical ringtone. Noah makes notes on this faux pas.

As the couple head home, Nikki’s bags are overflowing with party paraphernalia. They have over-prepared as usual. Entering their apartment, they hear voices in their house. Jason heads into the living room, armed with a party popper and is met by the estate agent showing a couple around. Jason is furious and bumbles a lie to Nikki, hiding the fact that he can’t afford the home. She is still unaware of his lies and doesn’t know that their house is genuinely for sale. Jason berates the estate agent in private afterwards, asking for dibs on their own home. The estate agent is less than accommodating though.

At school, Jason tries to make friends with the fellow parents, but finds them all a tad pretentious. Meanwhile, Nikki meets with her sister Karen, who has some good news for her. It’s an emotional and tricky conversation to say the least. Nikki is happy her sister is pregnant, but secretly devastated. Nikki and Jason struggled to conceive, whilst Karen never really wanted children and is now having a surprise baby. It’s an unpleasant irony that cuts Nikki deeply. She’s upset, but wants to be supportive as well.

Nikki tells Jason the bitter sweet news and Jason consoles his partner. He admits that he hates people and the misanthrope struggled to make new friends in the school playground earlier that day. Things only escalate further when Nikki discovers that Tyler only invited adults to his party and they worry that no one will turn up to the party tomorrow. Nikki panics and calls all the parents she can.

It’s the day of the party and Nikki has gone full out, with an elaborate and flashy party. Adam the lamp sports a party hat and the family wait patiently for arrivals. Tyler looks sad and sulks alone, even before the party’s started and the parents worry no one will show. But, in another feel good moment, the party is suddenly inundated with cheery children and their parents. The party becomes too much for Tyler though, who hides with Adam under the table. Scott and Karen arrive, with Scott dressed as an artsy clown entertainer. Karen tells Nikki that she still hasn’t told Scott about her pregnancy.

The ending

During the party, Karen points out all the mistakes that Nikki has made and she feels like she’s failed as a parent. She hides with Tyler under the table. Karen helps out, going into full-on teacher mode, rounding up the kids. Scott makes his unique clown debut, boring the children to death. Karen saves the day though, scooping up a handful of cake and shoving it into Scott’s mouth. The children burst into laughter and the party is a hit once again.

Nikki forgives Karen, feeling rather ashamed of herself for not supporting her sister properly from the get go. Then, in another heart-warming moment, Karen explains her pregnancy to Scott via the art of mime and they hug in celebration. This show continues to find inventive and emotive ways to address very simplistic situations, which I’m all for.

Nikki helps Tyler to step out of his comfort zone and he becomes more confident as the day goes on. His adult invites turn up, with the teacher and lollipop man bolstering Tyler’s confidence even further. In the final scene, Jason finds the confidence himself to finally speak to one of the other parents at Tyler’s school, proving that he has as much to learn as the children.

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