Trying season 3, episode 3 recap – “Capture the Flag”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 29, 2022
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Episode three is quite low-key and subtle but still packs a punch with some lovely moments of bonding.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Trying season 3, episode 3, “Capture the Flag,” contains spoilers.

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The central couple in Trying had to fight just to get the chance to foster children, but now that they are a fully-fledged family, they must work even harder to gain their children’s trust. In episode three, “Capture the Flag,” they go on a bonding holiday specifically designed to bring these types of new families closer together.

Trying season 3, episode 3 recap

Nikki fears that new daughter Princess doesn’t like her and asks partner Jason for advice. He finds that the fun, silly side of parenting comes more naturally to him, whilst Nikki is there for the serious, emotional aspects. She wants to be more laidback and approachable like him. Jason tells her to go with the flow and to relax. Although she has a rival family to contend with as well. This squeaky clean, perfectly shaped family send Nikki mad with jealousy and Tyler’s new best friend, a red lamp called Adam, doesn’t help with their overall appearance.

Meanwhile, Karen comes to the realization that she hates her job and Freddy attends a group therapy session. He accidentally joins a group for alcoholics and winds up venting all his many anxieties to the circle of strangers. Freddy talks about pretending to be charitable and cheating on his partner Erica. The group start friendly, but struggle to be supportive when he steals all the attention, reeling off a list of all his sins.

Back in the picturesque pine forest, the family set up camp for the night and enjoy the activities on offer. Nikki’s attempts to mirror Jason go embarrassingly though, only distancing her more from the gang. She wants to be fun and cool, but seems to be trying too hard. Some alone time with Princess helps rebuild their relationship. They go kayaking and she sprays her foster kid with a water gun. While they bond, Jason spends some quality time with Tyler and his lamp. Jason confesses to Nikki that he struggles with addressing the emotional side of parenting and she explains how Tyler sees the lamp as a family member.

Scott’s blog is growing in popularity, yet Karen seems indifferent to his career prospects. She tells him how much she hates her job and children for that matter. This is unfortunate timing as she finds out that she is pregnant in episode three. Best stop sipping that wine and start reconsidering the teaching job then Karen.

The ending

The family holiday reaches its crescendo with the entertaining capture the flag competition. Nikki’s competitive streak comes to the forefront as the gang try to beat their rival family. They seem to be in front, but Tyler loses his precious lamp and they have to go back into the fray to retrieve it. The lamp is found, yet they lose their title and end up in family prison. Nikki repairs the broken lamp and there’s just time for the foursome to bond further with some cute, micro moments.

In the final scenes, the couple discuss their findings from the day. Both agree to stick to their usual parental roles, after swapping seemed to go so badly. Nikki asks about the deposit and Jason continues to lie. The children seem happy and copy small gestures they have learnt from their new parents. It’s a subtle, throwaway moment, but one that is quite impactful. The children are adjusting to their new lives now and the parents are trying their hardest to make it all work.

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