Trying season 3, episode 2 recap – “The Circle”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 22, 2022
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More British sarcasm and wholesome charm abound in this Apple Original hit as the family prepares for the children’s first day at school.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Trying season 3, episode 2, “The Circle,” contains spoilers.

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In the opening episode, “Home”, the loving couple managed to keep both foster children for the time being and strive to be perfect parents in the follow-up instalment. It’s the children’s first day at school and our newly qualified parents want everything to go to plan, but of course chaos reigns supreme in another heart-warming offering.

Trying season 3, episode 2 recap

“The Circle” begins with a medley of alarm clocks blasting into action. Nikki does not want a single thing to go wrong today. She springs out of bed and starts the morning routine. There’s a timetable on the fridge and partner Jason is on hand to help with breakfast. The children watch in awe as the couple whizz around the kitchen preparing meals for the day. Tyler has Show and Tell in the afternoon and Jason worries that he’ll be bullied for believing he has a magical rock. He persuades Tyler to take a book to show instead and draws a circle on Tyler’s hand, which is a safe circle to focus on in times of need. Jason draws one on his own hand and then squishes them together. It’s just one of many thoughtful little gestures from the series.

The gang head off for the day, noticing their neighbor’s flat is for sale. Nikki goes back to work and her first task is to fire someone from sales. This is a tricky assignment for Nikki, who is kind hearted and well liked amongst the staff. She brings in colleague Jen to help figure out the weakest link in the sales team and asks her to spy on them in secret.

Jason sees that it is in fact his flat that is for sale and storms off to the estate agents. He’s informed that they only have three months tenancy left and were apparently notified of this arrangement beforehand. Jason says he didn’t receive any letter and offers to buy the flat instead. The agent states that they’ll only really be able to afford it if the flat has asbestos or is on top of a sinkhole and even then they’d be struggling. Desperate to keep his house and family for that matter, Jason goes to great lengths in “The Circle”.

Firstly, he brings in handyman and father Vic, geared out in quarantine attire. They check the loft for asbestos, but are unfortunately free of the dangerous minerals. Jason explains his housing dilemma and Vic says they’ve put a deposit down on a Spanish villa, so they are unable to help out. Next up is Scott. Jason asks the banking expert to invest his money in anything that will bring him a quick return. Jason doesn’t mind if it is ethical or not, he just needs the cash now. The pretentious Scott says you can trust me and then accidentally tries to drink from a candle.

Nikki’s day goes from bad to worse. She realizes that Jen is the issue, as sales have gone up and complaints have gone down since she stopped working, when she was off spying on the sales team instead. The foster mother then notices that she’s accidentally swapped lunch boxes with Tyler, who opens up a rather dull salad at school, whereas Nikki has a smiley face sandwich staring back at her.

The ending

Show and Tell is fast upon us and Jason worries Tyler has gone rogue, taking the magical rock anyway. He phones up Freddy and the two make a comical dash across the city to save the day. Sporting hazmat suits they pretend the rock is from outer space and extremely lethal. This stops the kids from laughing at Tyler and he becomes more popular in the process. It’s another feel good moment to end on.

Jason admits that it is their flat that is for sale, but lies to Nikki, stating that his father will pay for the deposit. Nikki is ecstatic to be buying the flat outright, although Jason’s lie looks set to come back to haunt him in the future. It’s another solid instalment from the Trying team, mixing the usual British sarcasm and wholesome cuteness, concluding in another hit for Apple TV+.

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