Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 2 recap – who dies?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 28, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin‘s second episode builds on well from the pilot. With bitchy antics and dramatic death, there’s enough drama to make you scream.

This recap of the HBO Max series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 2, contains spoilers.

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Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin season 1, episode 2 recap 

Six months ago, Imogen is Karen’s BFF. Imogen bumps into Greg and tells him that Karen wants him to go on a beer run. But he responds by telling Imogen that he wishes Karen was more like her. Moments later, Kelly rushes down and tells her that she’s just seen Imogen and Greg kissing. Karen kicks Imogen out and calls her a sl*t, whilst Greg claims Imogen was just drunk and stupid. In the present day, Imogen reveals that there’s a video from the night of the party that could ruin Karen! But as to not be so cruel that the video doesn’t stay on the internet forever, the girls suggest that they screen the video, which isn’t a sex tape, instead.

After Imogen returns to her house and grabs the phone with the infamous video on it, she suggests that they sleep on it; just in case they have second doubts. Afterward, the Liars receive video clips of their supposed crimes, which they put down to Karen once again. And so they decide that Karen needs to be taken down. So on Thursday, 1st October, they move forward with their plan to screen the video. When it comes to the screening, the masked killer lurks around. And as the video airs, footage of Karen criticizing Greg in bed before seemingly going to undress for an unseen guy. As a result, Karen freaks out in horror.

Afterwards, the Liars wonder whether what they did was right. Due to high complaints about the video, Chip gets in trouble and almost loses his job. But Tabby admits to Wes that she is the one responsible. When West claims that he can see how sorry Tabby is, he lets her keep her job. In a flashback, Davie tells Imogen that she will become who she hangs out with, i.e. Karen.

Davie adds that Karen is a horrible bully, and she doesn’t want Imogen to turn out that way. Back in the present timeline, Imogen meets with Karen, where it gets revealed that it was Tyler with Karen in the video they screened. Karen reveals to Imogen that she lost her virginity to Greg the night that Imogen “kissed” him. But Karen remains adamant that she did not kill the rat or put the razor blades in her shoes. When Imogen leaves Karen in the cemetery, the masked killer lurks behind.

The ending

The next day Imogen begins to question whether Karen is telling the truth about not committing the crimes. Karen goes to Marshall Clanton and says she wants to withdraw from the race as Spirit Queen. She says that she doesn’t deserve it and that it was she who destroyed her campaign posters. But then comes a twist, it was Kelly with Clanton. And together, it seems that Karen and Kelly want to give Imogen a starring role in a movie. Imogen tells the other liars what has happened; as a result, the liars all feel guilty for what they’ve done. (If only they knew what Karen and Kelly had in store).

When it comes to community service, Sheriff Beasley tells Noa that she needs to keep her mouth shut. But, in return, she asks him for a favour; to get her ankle monitor taken off so she can go to the dance. The dance quickly arrives, and the liars make a camp and dramatic entrance. And the liars are on a mission to find Karen so that they can apologise to her.

The moment for Imogen arrives, and she gets publically named the Spirit Queen. But the moment she goes on the stage, the fellow liars spot who I assume is Karen about to spill paint on her. However, when Imogen looks up at Karen, the masked killer grabs Karen and throws her to her death. The liars then receive a text; “To thine own self be true. One bully down. Five more to go. Keep quiet about me or you’re next. – A”. Chaos erupts as students flee from school. Unaware of the madness that has occurred, Shawn scrolls on his phone; that’s until he bumps into the masked killer and he runs off.

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