Vincenzo episode 15 recap – [spoiler] is arrested for murder

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 10, 2021
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Vincenzo episode 15 - release date, predictions and where to watch - netflix k-drama series


Episode 15 brings a humourous chapter as the Italian lawyer has to pretend to be a shaman as further plans are put together to bring down Babel Group. When the series mixes comedy with action and a serious story, this k-drama series truly works.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

With a few Netflix k-drama series ending this week, the streaming service feels a little bare for originals — Vincenzo holds the line for now.

Continuing from the last episode, Vincenzo is in a precarious position on a rooftop — his enemy Paola has sent some men to kill him. He’s asked to respect Paola, or he will die. Suddenly, the pigeon that has been harassing Vincenzo in his apartment arrives with a flock of birds on the roof and distract the gunmen. Vincenzo fights his way out of the situation. Meanwhile, the compromised art director informs Babel of the data hack, and they are furious. They also learn that Vincenzo was not killed — it’s a problem that will not go away. Choi Myung-hee looks shaken before an arrest is made on Jang Han-seok by Prosecutor Jung. It’s incredible how things quickly escalate in this series.

Prosecutor Jung apologises in the media

But as we have seen, taking down Babel is extremely difficult and the arrest of Jang Han-seok felt too simple. Vincenzo episode 15 proves Jang Han-seok has a tinge of invincibility about him.

The plaza residents watch the news the next day to hear about the arrest of the Babel Group chairman Jang Han-seok. However, in a twist, Prosecutor Jung announces that the case became too personal for him and that he’s been demoted. He apologises for his actions. The Babel brothers watch the news with a smile on their face. An angry Cha-young smashes the television; the personal toll is weighing on her — she feels this is cruel.

Traitor Jung

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Jung meets Jang Han-seok regarding “The Guillotine Files”. The prosecutor looks like he’s trying to further his career.

Later on, Vincenzo meets Prosecutor Jung at his family home. He tells him he crossed a line. Jung begs not to be killed. Vincenzo tells Jung that when he has everything he wants, he’ll kill him then.

The offensive side of Vincenzo is always entertaining.

The letter from Oh Gyeong-ja

The story involving Vincenzo and his mother is a sad but sweet one, but it is lovely that the character that pushes him emotionally is Cha-young.

Cha-young reads a letter given to her from Oh Gyeong-ja, and she quickly wells up with tears before putting it down. She tells Vincenzo she wants to take her out for a few hours as the doctor advised she can do so despite her illness.

Cha-young tells Vincenzo that she should give a gift to his mother himself — the Italian lawyer is shocked that Cha-young knows that he is the son of Oh Gyeong-ja but hints like paying for medical bills was a factor. Cha-young tells Vincenzo that his mother’s days are numbered.

They visit Oh Gyeong-ja. The dying woman tells them both that she’d like to file for a retrial. She felt she didn’t have the courage before, but now that she’s nearing her death, she does. Vincenzo agrees to do it.

The Guillotine File

As we enter the final quarter of this series, information locked in a file appears to be critical for Vincenzo and Cha-young to bring Jang Han-seok down once and for all. Vincenzo episode 15 moves vigorously with this storyline.

Vincenzo reveals he has ” The Guillotine File”. He fooled Mr Cho — they never threw it back down in the locked basement. They plan to use it to keep the evil people on a lease rather than take it to the authorities. They are using it as intended. Vincenzo plans to target Babel and Daechang Daily first — the popular newspaper supports the company. Meanwhile, Choi Myung-hee tells Jang Han-seok that if they own “The Guillotine File”, they can rule all of Korea — the chairman wants to demolish the plaza immediately in order to get the file. He has no idea that Vincenzo is already one step ahead.

Revisit the moment where Vincenzo and Cha-young finally kiss:

A surprise visit

Surprisingly, Jang Han-seo visits Vincenzo and Cha-young in their office — he gives them expensive coffee as a gift. Jang Han-seo explains that he does not want to betray his brother, but he wants to ensure Babel Group runs legally. Vincenzo quizzes Jang Han-seo on economics. He gets every answer wrong, so Vincenzo kicks him out, but you can tell the brother will be helpful eventually.

Compromising Daechang Daily

Episode 15 then spurs on a comedic side of the story as Vincenzo has to “get into a role” once again.

Vincenzo and Cha-young learn from “The Guillotine File” that Oh Jeong-bae killed his brother for power. They also understand that he takes advice from a fraudulent shaman accused of sexual harassment — all this information is from “The Guillotine Fines”. As part of the plan, Vincenzo is picked to pretend to be a fake shaman by the plaza residents.

Shaman Vincenzo

Oh Jeong-bae is recommended to visit a new shaman (Vincenzo) by the blackmailed shaman, so he heads down to the plaza. They have a shrine set up where Vincenzo pretends to be a wise shaman. Vincenzo pretends that Oh Jeong-bae’s brother’s spirit has taken over him and asks him why he threw him off a cliff. Oh Jeong-bae is freaked out and begins to cry. Vincenzo asks him if he wants to see what kills him eventually. Cha-young lunges into action and paints ” Babel”. Vincenzo tells him that he must cut ties and trample Babel or he will die. Cha-young paints “5”, signifying that he has five more days to live.

Vincenzo continues to give audiences these little gems of a scene.

Exposing Babel

In “The Guillotine File”, it’s revealed that Jang Han-seok killed six of his students when he was younger. He was diagnosed as a psychopath at sixteen years old, which is why his father sent him to the states. The next day, Daechang Daily begin to publish bad press about Babel. Jang Han-seok rings Oh Jeong-bae and asks him why he’s sent out bad stories, but he’s not given a reasonable answer.

Oh Jeong-bae revisits shaman Vincenzo — he’s told that he must expose chairman Jang Han-seok next. Vincenzo pretends that a spirit has taken over him and acts like one of Jang Han-seok’s victims that he murdered. Soon after, on the news, they talk about Jang Han-seok’s childhood and how he was a killer. Jang Han-seok is wondering how the lawyers know about his past. They later learn that Vincenzo is behind it all but question the source.

We are sure a lightbulb will switch on eventually.

The ending

Me Cho asks Vincenzo to meet him. However, before Mr Cho meets him, he’s attacked by three men. Vincenzo shows up to help him. Mr Cho believes it was Prosecutor Jung that sent the attackers.

Meanwhile, to set up the next episode, Choi Myung-hee finds Vincenzo’s real name and his mother’s whereabouts. She wants to find out what hospital she’s in.

Late in the night, Cha-young visits Oh Gyeong-ja and watches her sleep peacefully in the hospital. Meanwhile, Vincenzo returns to the plaza, and he sees someone who looks suspicious and runs after them. As he runs around the plaza, he hears a loud thud — when he turns around, he sees a dead Oh Jeong-bae, who has fallen from a high place — Vincenzo is then cornered by the police and arrested for murder. It looks likes he’s been set up again!

Vincenzo episode 15 brings a humourous chapter as the Italian lawyer has to pretend to be a shaman as further plans are put together to bring down Babel Group. When the series mixes comedy with action and a serious story, this k-drama series truly works.

The Babel Group files
  • The art gallery director wants to flee the country and asks Park Seok-do for help.

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