Vincenzo episode 14 recap – the lawyers share their first kiss

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 4, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 14


Episode 14 puts the story through the motions; the plot is dragging its feet slightly — it is clear the series wants to get to the final two chapters at this point.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

Ironically episode 14 brings a moment that fans will enjoy, but at the same time, this wasn’t the best episode of Vincenzo, especially with it being closer to the end. It felt like a filler chapter.

The opening of episode 14 shows Jang Han-seok getting embarrassed on stage again while Vincenzo and Cha-young look on in amusement. Jang Han-seo seems impressed by the two lawyers. It gets worse for the pig-blood soaked Jang Han-seok as he gets arrested for anti-union activities; however, Choi Myung-hee argues there’s no credible evidence. Vincenzo reveals he has evidence from the man that ran over the union leader — the man said Mr Han ordered it. Prosecutor Jung tells Jang Han-seok and co that they will be charged for murder and abetting as well.

Taking the fall

But like previous chapters, Babel seems to get away with plenty; however, Vincenzo and Cha-young have bigger ideas.

Vincenzo and Cha-young’s next target is Babel’s paper company. Vincenzo believes Jang Han-seok will let someone else take the fall for anti-union activities. They need to finish off the chairman, so he serves prison time once and for all. Meanwhile, Jang Han-seo takes the fall for the anti-union activities in a surprise moment — he apologises to Prosecutor Jung and offers to answer any questions possible; he fears being imprisoned for worse crimes for his brother, so he wants to take the fall for the lesser of the crimes. Jang Han-seok asks his brother to calm down. Chief prosecutor Hwang Jin-tae walks in and tells Jung that he believes this is a conspiracy to bring the new chairman down and asks him to restart the investigation.

On the news, the story fabricated is that Vision Team Leader Park Chan Ki “opposed” the chairman to try to stitch him up for anti-union activities.

Vincenzo doesn’t involve himself in exploiting family betrayal

Jang Han-seo asks Mr Han to arrange a meeting with Vincenzo. They all meet at a fancy restaurant. Jang Han-seo asks if it’s his goal to destroy him as well as his brother. He offers to help kill his brother so he can have Babel to himself. Vincenzo states he never gets involved in exploiting family betrayal before walking off.

But we must wonder, will Vincenzo take Jang Han-seo’s offer if it gets desperate?

Discussions the paper company

Park Seok-do presents to Vincenzo and Cha-young about his knowledge of paper companies to prove himself. He believes that Jang Han-seok must have found a way to launder money. Vincenzo meets Mr Na and asks him about Jason Fund, Jang Han-seok’s paper company. Mr Na explains how money is laundered through an art gallery and that documents are protected by high security.

Seo Mi-ri is the creator of the security system

Plaza resident Seo Mi-ri reveals to Vincenzo and Cha-young that she knows about the gold in the basement. She reveals she designed the system for the room that the gold is in. Seo Mi-ri asks if they can get the gold out together — she reckons she can get the gold with the building intact.

Infiltrating the art gallery

Vincenzo episode 14 sees a new undercover mission for our favourite lawyers — and it is a mission that reveals true feelings.

Vincenzo and Cha-young visit the art gallery where Jang Han-seok launders money for the Jason Fund paper company. They check out the security and find a way to get in naturally — they have to book the venue privately. They use Seo Mi-ri’s hacking skills to manipulate the booking system. Vincenzo and Cha-young have to act like a couple at the gallery which means picking outfits — Vincenzo picks jewellery for Cha-young.

As Vincenzo and Cha-young have taken another couple’s booking, they soon realise it’s for a marriage proposal — Vincenzo has to get on his knees and ask for marriage. The art gallery director asks them to kiss. Cha-young grabs Vincenzo and kisses him. Vincenzo is surprised at first, but then he kisses her back. The pair share a passionate moment, and their feelings for each other are known.

Hacking into the documents

After confirmation of a romance, it’s back to work for the lead characters.

Vincenzo and Cha-young ask for a rare gallery piece from the director. When the director tells them that they cannot see it, the pretend couple discuss purchasing art at other galleries, but then the director offers to show it in her office. Cha-young and Vincenzo pretend to admire the rare art piece in the director’s office. The director has to leave the room due to a commotion outside caused by the plaza residents, so Vincenzo and Cha-young get to work to find the money laundering evidence. Seo Mi-ri gets to work by helping them hack into the office computer. They find international transactions and transfer them into their drives.

Scaring the director

The director returns to the office. She asks what they are doing — she accuses them of not being a couple; Vincenzo explains that they are agents from AISE — Italy’s foreign intelligence service. They claim to be looking at paintings that have been smuggled into the country. Both characters draw out guns to scare her. The director admits that one painting has been smuggled into the gallery and promises to return it.

The ending

Choi Myung-hee tells Jang Han-seok of the easiest way to get rid of Vincenzo — “Use other enemies to get rid of your enemies”. She invites Vincenzo’s enemy into the country from Italy.

Vincenzo and Cha-young talk about their experiences of acting like a couple, and they are shy around each other. They discuss having a celebratory drink on the rooftop, but then Vincenzo senses something and tells Cha-young that he’s off to get the beer.

Vincenzo heads to the top of a building, and two men with pistols follow him. He grabs one of them and puts a gun to their head. He asks if Paolo sent them. Paolo then turns up behind Vincenzo, and he’s kicked to the floor. He’s in serious trouble now.

Vincenzo episode 14 puts the story through the motions; the plot is dragging its feet slightly — it is clear the series wants to get to the final phase at this point.

UPDATE: Correction — this article originally implied that the series is going to be 16 episodes — it’s going to be 20 episodes.

Additional points
  • Park Seok-do asks for a gold retrieval expert Gwang-jin to meet him and the residents. However, when the man turns up, he explains how he doesn’t chase gold anymore.
  • Vincenzo and Cha-young visit Oh Gyeong-ja in the hospital and share with her some of her favourite food. Every time they see her, it appears to get more difficult for Vincenzo.

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