Vincenzo episode 13 recap – Jang Han-seok is inaugurated as chairman

April 3, 2021
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Episode 13 is an inventive, entertaining chapter as our leading lawyers find a way to expose the new chairman. This is clearly a transition to more dangerous remaining chapters.

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Episode 13 is an inventive, entertaining chapter as our leading lawyers find a way to expose the new chairman. This is clearly a transition to more dangerous remaining chapters.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 13 contains significant spoilers.

In surprising circumstances, Mr Cho points a gun at Vincenzo when they finally reach the gold. Mr Cho promises not to harm him if he doesn’t move. He wants to take one bar of gold. Mr Cho leaves the dungeon, and Vincenzo follows. Vincenzo asks why he’s only taking one and mentions “The Guillotine File”. Mr Cho believes it’s in the gold bar he has. Vincenzo distracts him and then fights Mr Cho. When Vincenzo opens Mr Cho’s gold bar, “The Guillotine File” is inside. Vincenzo learns that Mr Cho’s gun wasn’t even loaded. Mr Cho reveals he’s an agent at the International Security Intelligence Service. It’s then revealed that Wang Shaolin’s death was not a coincidence, and Mr Cho killed him. Vincenzo is surprised by his friend, and we are too — Mr Cho sold the nice guy helping Italian Mafia lawyer well.

A positive first board meeting

With Jang Han-seok announcing himself to Korea means one thing — he needs to be officially inaugurated — Vincenzo episode 13 sees the new chairman in the limelight.

Jang Han-seok holds his first board meeting, and the members are motivated by his presence. Suddenly, the director of the International Organized Crime Bureau, Tae Jong-gu, arrives. They shake hands. Afterwards, Mr Han tells Jang Han-seok and Han-seo about “The Guillotine File”. Choi Myung-hee tries to stop Mr Han, but he wants to tell them the story about it. It’s revealed that it has damaging information about Babel, including the late chairman. Jang Han-seok tells them to find it at costs.

The residents are paranoid about the holiday

Everything to do with the gold turns into a comedic moment in this k-drama series — it feels like a subplot at this stage.

The plaza residents are paranoid about Vincenzo paying for an all-expenses holiday and return urgently to the plaza. Cha-young rings Vincenzo and warns him. Vincenzo and Mr Cho throw the gold back in the basement and quickly close the hatch. When a couple of residents head to the temple, Vincenzo and Mr Cho are praying and asking for privacy. The residents leave, and Mr Cho tells Vincenzo that they left the recognition device for Wang’s iris in the basement earlier. Vincenzo is furious as Mr Cho tells him there’s only one. The men cry and continue to pray. Afterwards, Vincenzo guilt trips the residents for not believing in him. Cha-young, Vincenzo and their assistant are crestfallen that they will not be able to get to the gold again unless they demolish the plaza. As always, this is to be continued.

Collecting the evidence

There’s chaos at the union leader’s funeral — members are trying to stop it — these are funerals meant to boost morale at the union. Prosecutor Jung tells Vincenzo and Cha-young that he needed the testimony of the union leader. Vincenzo tells them that they need to collect evidence their own way. As the series progresses, Vincenzo’s plans become more elaborate.

His assassination attempt still worries jang Han-seo

Jang Han-seo tells Mr Han how frustrated he is and that his brother is going to kill him. Mr Han doesn’t think he will as he’s the only family he has left now — Mr Han motivates him again and tells him to cause chaos. Before the inauguration day, Jang Han-seok tells Jang Han-seo that he didn’t do anything after he shot him because he needs him in case he needs to take the rap when things go wrong. The brother is using him as damage control.

Threatening the traitor

Vincenzo episode 13 then navigates a long-winded and entertainment plan to expose the new chairman.

Vincenzo and Cha-young have found a traitor (Mr Nam) in the union ranks; they want to use him to their advantage against Babel. Mr Lee pretends to be part of The Twin Swords Gang. They tie up the traitor (Mr Nam) for interrogation and act like they will throw him in cement. Vincenzo, Cha-young and the group list the things Mr Nam did to betray union members.

They imply that Babel has told them to do this. Mr Nam tells them he will do anything — they force him to ring the Team Leader of the Babel Vision Team Park Chan Ki and ask for two billion won without the taxes. The traitor accuses the team leader of trying to kill him and asks him to bring the money by the next day, or he’ll disclose every order he has received from the vision team.

Vincenzo and Cha-young give Prosecutor Jung an email from the Vision Team to the company union leader to oppress the union members. It will be more than enough to get a search and seizure warrant for the Vision Team. In return, Vincenzo wants something from Prosecutor Jung before the raid.

Interviewing Jang Han-seok and Choi Myung-hee

Episode 13 proves that Jang Han-seok and his handy sidekick are too arrogant for their own good.

Anti-union activities mean Jang Han-seok has been summoned for a charge against the company. The media are calling Jang Han-seok handsome, charismatic and intelligent. Choi Myung-hee joins Jang Han-seok, and Prosecutor Jung interviews them. Flashbacks show Vincenzo telling Prosector Jung to tell Babel and Wusang that there will be a raid; they want the Vision Team to send their files somewhere else. Their goal isn’t to get evidence of anti-union activities but to prove that Jang Han-seok was the one who gave the orders for their anti-union activities.

Back to the interview — Choi Myung-hee is arrogant, saying she will get her client Jang Han-seok out of the interrogation very quickly. Prosecutor Jung asks Jang Han-seok if he gave orders for anti-union activities. Suddenly, the Vision Team hear of a raid and start destroying and moving information. Vincenzo and Cha-young track one of the employees trying to move a box of information.

At the interview, Choi Myung-hee learns of the search warrant for the Vision Team but that they’ve handled it. Choi Myung-hee gets arrogant again, believing they are in the clear. Meanwhile, Vincenzo and Cha-young and the team ask Mr Nam to ring Park Chan Ki for two billion won for the information they have intercepted.

The ending

Leaving the interrogation, Jang Han-seok attends a lecture, and there’s plenty of admiration for him. Meanwhile, Vincenzo gets himself some popcorn to share with Cha-young as they watch the show unfold. As Jang Han-seok Plays a video for Babel Motors, it changes to a secret video feed. It shows the Vision Team Leader Park Chan Ki trying to give money to Mr Nam to give back evidence of anti-union activities. Park Chan Ki doesn’t bring enough money and tells Mr Nam he does what the chairman (Jang Han-seok) tells him to do and that he’s just a puppet. The audience is in shock. Meanwhile, Vincenzo and Cha-young enjoy their popcorn. Jang Han-seo looks up at the top of the theatre and sees Vincenzo and Cha-young.

Suddenly, a whole bucket of red liquid falls on Jang Han-seok. Cha-young tells Vincenzo that she feels like the Mafia in the 60s. Jang Han-seok looks up at Vincenzo and Cha-young clapping, and he looks furious. Jang Han-seo laughs at this unfolding — he senses a way out of his serious situation.

Vincenzo episode 13 is an inventive, entertaining chapter as our leading lawyers find a way to expose the new chairman. This is clearly a transition to more dangerous remaining chapters.

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