Vincenzo episode 12 recap – Jang Han-seo tries to kill [spoiler]

April 2, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 12


Episode 12 feels like a transitional chapter for more to come as the gold becomes integral again and an internal war starts at Babel — it’s going to be a hectic final four chapters.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 12 contains significant spoilers.

After a revealing eleventh episode, it’s fireworks in episode 12!

Vincenzo holds his gun to Jang Han-seok (also known as Jang Joon-woo). The villain encourages Vincenzo to kill him and calls him a “Mafia bastard”. He fires a blank in the air, and then the authorities arrive. Vincenzo tells them he’s the real chairman of Babel, Jang Han-seok. Suddenly, Jang Han-seok acts like Vincenzo is crazy and starts acting erratic. Vincenzo is arrested on the spot. Jang Han-seok lives for another day. Afterwards, Cha-young slaps Jang Han-seok, who tells her there’s been a misunderstanding; she isn’t falling for it anymore.

Defending Vincenzo

Another episode, another scenario where Vincenzo and Cha-young have each other’s backs.

Cha-young defends Vincenzo in front of the authorities; the Italian lawyer tells Prosecutor Jung that he will gain more by releasing him. Flashbacks show Vincenzo and Cha-young agreeing that Jang Han-seok fears Babel collapsing, meaning Vincenzo will have to stay in Korea longer. They plan to pressure Jang Han-seok to reveal himself and want to use Prosector Jung to help; in the present day, Vincenzo and Cha-young tell him that they know he wants to bring charges to Babel.

Babel’s next move

Vincenzo’s shadows confirm that Jang Han-seok has fled his nest. Mr Lee joins in on spying on him. Meanwhile, Choi Myung-hee and Mr Han discuss with their legal team which charge Prosecutor Jung will go after first. They arrange a meeting with the Babel Chemicals labour union leader. Mr Han believes Jang Han-seo should take care of business proceedings, but Choi Myung-hee clearly disagrees — there’s plenty of internal politics.

Planting a spy

The spy in the Wusang law firm updates Vincenzo and Cha-young on his latest observations. To get information off the spy, Vincenzo hooks him up to work for a luxurious company. The spy tells Cha-young and Vincenzo that Choi Myung-hee intends to deal with the Babel Chemicals labour union with the “classic method”. He also explains that Mr Han has teamed up with Jang Han-seo while Choi Myung-hee has sided with Jang Han-seok.

Making the union an offer

Choi Myung-hee tries to make an offer to the labour union leader, but he’s offended by her dirty deal and tells her he’s going to go to the prosecution about it. Moments later, the man is run over and killed. Choi Myung-hee eats and drinks; she planned this. We are witnessing the character turn into a monster.

Vincenzo continues to toy with Jang Han-seok even though he’s fled. Jang Han-seok asks for his guards to be changed. Choi Myung-hee cheers him up and explains that the union leader is dead. Jang Han-seok is ecstatic. When Vincenzo and Cha-young hear about it on the news, they can tell it’s the work of Babel.

Cha-young learns about the gold, again

It’s easy to forget about the gold, but it becomes important again in Vincenzo episode 12.

One of the residents update Vincenzo about the gold, and Cha-young is surprised by this revelation. Vincenzo tries to brush it off as a rumour. Cha-young remembers when he brought up the gold, and she thought it was a joke. Vincenzo confirms it’s under the Temple; they believe they should play dumb and maintain peace with the residents.

“The Guillotine File”

Episode 12 gives something new for Babel to worry about — they have mounting problems in their corrupt world.

Vincenzo learns about “The Guillotine File” linked to Chinese boss Wang Shaolin, which immediately has him spooked. The file has been leaked and has returned to Korea. There are serious details in this file. Mr An Gi-seok asks Vincenzo what would he do if he was Wang Shaolin. Meanwhile, Mr Han tells Choi Myung-hee how serious this file would be for Korea and Babel. Choi Myung-hee believes they should inform Jang Han-seok at the right time.

Assassination attempt

And then episode 12 reaches the most hectic part of the chapter and one that will have had viewers on the edge of their seats.

Jang Han-seo and Jang Han-seok go hunting together. As they hunt, Jang Han-seo considers killing his brother after remembering his conversation with Mr Han. He aims at him and shoots — Jang Han-seok drops to the floor. But his brother gets back up, and he is angry. However, as he walks towards Jang Han-seo, he falls again. A dog walker sees Jang Han-seok injured, and Jang Han-seo acts suddenly worried and asks him to ring an ambulance. Vincenzo and Cha-young learn about the “accident” and believe an internal war has started between them.

At the hospital, Jang Han-seok has a successful operation. When he wakes up, Choi Myung-hee tells him that if he doesn’t want to die namelessly, he should reveal himself. They both agree to say it was an “accident” by Jang Han-seo for now. They are officially plotting together — a loyal union — a power couple to be reckoned with.

Mr Cho’s debt

Mr Cho meets Vincenzo and tells him that his daughter had to quit violin lessons as his situation has become tough; he wants the gold resolving soon so he can take a share. Vincenzo offers to loan him money, but Mr Cho asks for 30 billion won. Vincenzo is shocked at the debt he’s in. Mr Cho states that knowing he was getting gold got the best of him. They now need to speed up getting the gold.

Vincenzo and Cha-young offer to send all residents on vacation — all expenses covered. They want the plaza vacated so they can get the gold.

The ending

As Jang Han-seo delivers a presentation at Babel Group, Jang Han-seok walks in with his hospital gown. The board members are confused, but then Jang Han-seok reveals himself as the eldest son — he announces he will be leading Babel Group from now on. He hugs his brother. It’s official; he’s now public.

With the plaza empty, Vincenzo and Mr Cho enter the temple. They remove a concrete slab and reveal a door. They enter the basement and see all the gold, and their eyes widen. As Vincenzo gets excited at the gold, Mr Cho points a gun at his head. He’s been betrayed. Greed has gotten the better of Mr Cho.

Vincenzo episode 12 feels like a transitional chapter for more to come as the gold becomes integral again and an internal war starts at Babel — it’s going to be a hectic final four chapters.

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  • Vincenzo speaks to Gilbert about the gold in the plaza. He’s the man that has told the residents about it. Vincenzo tells Gilbert to leave the neighbourhood for good and pays him off.
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