Vincenzo episode 11 recap – the real Jang Han-seok

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 30, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 11


Episode 11 continues with the same strength and approach of the last chapter, with the lawyers drawing closer to the truth in a tense, dramatic instalment.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 11 contains significant spoilers.

The last episode proved to be rather emotional, with Cha-young throwing herself into Vincenzo’s arms and then the Italian lawyer dropping the truth bomb — Jang Han-seok is the real boss of Babel — of course, we know this is Jang Joon-woo. Vincenzo calls Jang Han-seok’s number and walks up to Jang Joon-woo; however, the villain pulls out a different phone. Jang Joon-woo has not run out of lives yet. It seems Vincenzo is unaware. When Jang Joon-woo leaves, he’s full of adrenaline after nearly being caught. The viewers were duped — we really thought Jang Joon-woo was figured out after the end of the last chapter.

Torturing the lackeys

Cha-young and Vincenzo have gathered some of Jang Han-seok’s lackeys, and they start torturing them in an exhaust-smoke-filled car, getting them to admit that they set fire to the villa and set up the suicide of the victims’ families. Vincenzo asks to give them the location of Jang Han-seok, but they don’t know that information. Cha-young threatens to kill them as they are useless. Vincenzo isn’t comfortable with what Cha-young is doing and asks if they can go, leaving the torture task to Vincenzo’s shadows — the men push the car into the river so that the lackeys drown.

The hug test

The torture for the fans continue — are Cha-young and Vincenzo going to be an item or what? Vincenzo episode 11 doesn’t bring the audience closer to that answer.

After an intense evening, Cha-young and Vincenzo enjoy food and drink together. They talk about that hug in the underpass, and Vincenzo asks her not to apologise for it. Cha-young explains that her heart sped up after they hugged, and she cannot tell if it’s because he was in danger or if she has feelings for him — she wants to test it out and hug him. She comically asks him to stand up so they can hug for ten seconds. During the hug, she looks up at him and concludes it was because he was in danger. Vincenzo looks slightly disappointed.

Visiting mother

Vincenzo visits Oh Gyeong-ja in hospital, but this time on his own. She explains how her days are numbered, and she hopes her son grew up in a happy place. Vincenzo states that her son without her mother means he wouldn’t be happy, but he is sure her son is doing well. He’s talking about himself in the third person to make her feel better.

This scene really shows Vincenzo’s emotional strength.

Vincenzo is arrested

Looking at phone records, Vincenzo and Cha-young learn that Jang Joon-woo was near the underpass at the same time they were there. Vincenzo believes they need to find someone who knows Jang Han-seok’s face. However, things turn sour quickly for Vincenzo as Choi Myung-hee plots against him once again. At the plaza, the International Crimes Division of Namdongbu Prosecutors’ Office visits Vincenzo and place him under arrest for attempted murder, aiding and abetting, and blackmail. They accuse him of being Italian Mafia. While Vincenzo is being interviewed, Mr An persuades his boss to take the case against the Italian lawyer.

The real An Gi-seok

We’ve been waiting for this for a while…

Mr An has his grandstanding moment, and he arrives at the police station to take Vincenzo from the division he’s arrested under — he introduces himself as An Gi-seok, Team Leader at the International Organized Crime Bureau. He asks the investigators to hand Vincenzo over. An Gi-seok tells Vincenzo that if he continues fighting for the plaza, then he will help him. Vincenzo is confused as to why an officer from an intelligence agency wants to work with a mafia member; however, he thinks he can help find the real boss of Babel.

Vincenzo believes the man who took the photos in Italy will know Jang Han-seok’s face. Luca sends him CCTV footage. They give the footage to An Gi-seok and asks if he can find out who it is. They find out that the person taking photos in Italy is Kim Sang-yun, a former VP of a multi-national arms company, DO arms.

Planning to plot against Jang Joon-woo

Vincenzo episode 11 shows how the fear Jang Joon-woo is causing is starting to form his own enemies — some closer than he would have expected.

Tired of being scared of his brother, Jang Han-seo tells Mr Han that he wishes Jang Joon-woo was in a situation where he could oust him. Mr Han is on board. Jang Han-seo agrees with Mr Han and wants to form some plans.

The ending

Vincenzo’s shadows capture Kim Sang-yun. Vincenzo threatens the man as part of the interrogation. Kim Sang-yun states he cannot tell the lawyer where Jang Han-seok is, or he will be killed within a week. Vincenzo plays Russian roulette with a pistol to scare the man. Eventually, Kim Sang-yun breaks and tells Vincenzo that Jang Han-seok is a lawyer at Wusang Law Firm — Jang Joon-woo. Meanwhile, Cha-young is having drinks and a meal with Jang Joon-woo. He offers her information on Babel in exchange for information from her — she reads a report on the Babel Compensation Plan that Choi o and Mr Han have produced. They claim there’s not enough cause to compensate.

Jang Joon-woo wants to know what she’s up to in exchange, but as she’s about to speak, Vincenzo rings her and tells her to act normal; he tells her that Jang Joon-woo is Jang Han-seok. Cha-young stays calm and asks if he will stick to the plan. The k-drama series has prepped this moment brilliantly to bring a serious final scene.

When Jang Joon-woo returns home, Vincenzo enters, points a gun at the real boss of Babel and asks him to kneel. He calls him Jang Han-seok. Jang Joon-woo says, “Damn, you got me”. Vincenzo tells him to say his last prayer; Jang Han-seok grabs the end of the gun and places it on his head, and says, “Kill me already. You Mafia bastard”. As Vincenzo readies the clip, the chapter ends, and you can hear a bullet go off. Vincenzo has a choice to make.

Vincenzo episode 11 continues with the same strength and approach of the last chapter, with the lawyers drawing closer to the truth in a tense, dramatic instalment.

The Italian Lawyer’s Notebook
  • One of the plaza residents (Mr Lee) asks to be Vincenzo’s bodyguard.
  • The Temple is getting investigated by the authorities for not holding services. Mr Cho is trying to force the monks out so they can get the gold. They are at risk of the temple being closed. Vincenzo tells Mr Cho to reserve the decision. A resident hears their conversation.
  • Vincenzo plays “Mafia” with the plaza residents.
  • Jang Han-seo asks his brother Jang Joon-woo if he can run Babel Pharmaceuticals himself, which enrages him. Jang Joon-woo threatens him with a knife. Jang Han-seo apologises and states that he was trying to lessen his burden.
  • When Vincenzo returns to the plaza, he’s met with celebrations from the residents. He’s celebrated as a hero.
  • A resident overhears Vincenzo talking about the gold, so a few of them grab him for a chat. Vincenzo acts like this is a surprise and acts excited.

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