Vincenzo episode 10 recap – luring out the real boss of Babel

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 21, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 10


Cinematic and full of action, Vincenzo episode 10 is the best chapter so far, with the stakes in the story intensifying and getting darker.

This recap of the Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

The tragedy of the last episode still lingers in episode 10, bringing a daunting ending as Vincenzo and Cha-young look hopelessly at the dead victims’ families. The look on both faces says it all; this is the last straw. Coupled with Director Gil Jong-moon’s death and the bloodshed in his house, there’s too much violence. This has all been orchestrated by Babel. Cha-young does not believe the victims’ families committed group suicide; she believes it was murder as it doesn’t add up; however, the police suspiciously do not believe her.

Cha-young feels guilty for what’s happened, but Vincenzo wants to remain productive and not dwell — he is furious that the lives of the innocent have been killed, and that it’s not about justice anymore. Cha-young wants to find the real boss; Vincenzo states that when they find the boss, he’s going to kill that person — Cha-young gives the impression that she is in agreement.

Do we need a contingency plan?

With all the violence, Wusang law firm is in a precarious position in Vincenzo episode 10, and Mr Han is anxious.

Mr Han asks Choi Myung-hee if Jang Joon-woo is crossing the line and wants a contingency plan so that they live. Choi Myung-hee tells Mr Han that the fact they know who Jang Joon-woo is means that their heads are already in the guillotine. Mr Han speaks to Jang Han-seo and suggests that he takes action and implies that he betrays his brother. He calls him the true chairman. The prosecutor is falling apart after recent violence. On the other hand, Choi Myung-hee seems to enjoy all this — she’s got evil inside of her, waiting to be released.

Double-teaming the investigators

Vincenzo and Cha-young are not fooling around in episode 10; they ramp up their aggressiveness.

The detectives on the suicide case were bribed to cover up the murders, and Vincenzo catches them sorting out the money. He fights them both and then ties them up on to swivel chairs. Vincenzo smoothly approaches them with his lighter and kicks them, so they roll closer to the edge of a high building. Vincenzo asks for the police department to investigate the suicide case as a murder case. Cha-young enters the fray to threaten them as well by kicking them closer to the edge. The investigators agree to their demands.

The bonding continues

Episode 10 gives fans who are hoping for a romance from the leading lawyers some more juice to work with.

Vincenzo and Cha-young continue to bond, enjoying dinner and drinks together. Vincenzo brings up her father, Hong Yu-chan and has many kind words for him and how the lawyer had nice words for her daughter. Cha-young asks an important question — once Babel is sorted, will Vincenzo leave? She seems to be accepting that they will be parting ways. As Vincenzo sleeps peacefully, Cha-young watches him and falls asleep with her head on the table next to him. Vincenzo wakes up and sees Cha-young sleeping, and he admires her. The lawyers are falling for each other.

Looking at camera footage moments before the “suicide” victims died

And then it’s back to the investigation in this rather cinematic chapter.

Cha-young and Vincenzo look at footage of the victims’ families vehicle moments before they died. There was a dent in the car. They believe the car was hijacked, and then they were knocked out, and the burning charcoal was placed in the car to make it look like a suicide. However, they struggle to locate the vehicle because the car that potentially hijacked them has a false registry.

Relive in the moment Vincenzo saved his least-favourite Italian restaurant:

Riling up the residents

In what feels like a side story, Vincenzo episode 10 keeps giving audiences snippets of the plaza residents and how they keep feeling enamoured to fight.

After a brief investigation, the plaza residents get word of the fight against Babel and vow to help Vincenzo with everything they have. Vincenzo tries to tell them that they should move plaza, but they collectively say they don’t want to. Cha-young riles them up, saying they should make Babel into a public mockery. They set up a fake news channel, and while wearing masks, they reveal the corruption of Babel and law firm Wusang. Choi Myung-hee, Mr Han, Jang Joon-woo and Jang Han-seo watch it unfold on television. Hiding their identity, Vincenzo and Cha-young mock all of them, apart from Jang Joon-woo, of course. Jang Joon-woo believes they are trying to lure him out as the real boss. Choi Myung-hee rings Vincenzo and Cha-young; she’s annoyed that they mocked her dancing on television.

The letter C

Vincenzo brings his Italian Mafia ways to episode 10 — he’s been activated.

When Mr Han returns to his office, he sees a bloody knife on his desk and the letter C on the wall. And while Choi Myung-hee is in the laundrette, a man pretends to be a zombie, and she freaks out, falling unconscious. The “zombie” writes C on the laundrette window, and when Choi Myung-hee wakes up, she freaks out. And finally, a remote control toy truck drives to Jang Han-seo with what looks like a bomb on its back, and he runs away from it in a panic. Confetti comes out of it, and the letter C pops out on a flag. Vincenzo planted these to make them feel they are threatened.

The real Vincenzo

But trouble is lurking in the tenth chapter because Vincenzo’s time in Italy is unveiled to the enemy.

Jang Joon-woo’s research team return to Korea and tell him that Vincenzo is a known consigliere and is both acknowledged and dreaded by all the Mafia families; he’s much more brutal than they thought. Jang Joon-woo is strangely excited about it all when he sees the photos of what Vincenzo did, but Jang Han-seo isn’t taking it lightly – they also learn that Vincenzo commonly leaves the letter C behind when he attacks his victims — it stands for “the Cassano family”. Jang Joon-woo sees him as a worthy opponent now and wants to kill him. He sends out a hit team on him.

Jang Joon-woo rings Cha-young and asks her to meet him, claiming he has information on Wusang law firm. Vincenzo tells her to go. As she leaves, there’s tension between them because Cha-young seems to be reversing her decision of accepting that Vincenzo is going to kill the true leader of Babel. This may become integral in future episodes — will she stop Vincenzo?

Twin Swords Gang

After Cha-young leaves, a group of men enter the plaza. When the chef Toto asks what the men are doing here, one of them punches him in the face — they are sending a warning to all tenants. Park Seok-do turns up and confronts the men, knowing they are the new gang created to intimidate; they are the Twin Swords Gang — they beat up Park Seok-do, and they suddenly fear them. They want all the residents to leave the plaza, or they’ll do so by force. Suddenly, Mr Tak turns up and starts stabbing them with scissors. The gang are scared and leave.

The ending

Cha-young meets Jang Joon-woo, who suddenly transforms back into a legal assistant. He reveals he has no information and just wanted to see her. Cha-young then gets a call and learns Vincenzo left the plaza to lure the killers. She panics, and Jang Joon-woo offers to drive her.

Vincenzo waits in a car tunnel for his attackers. There’s only three of them, so he taunts the men before shooting at them. He fights them off while dealing with gun-fu. As Cha-young heads to his location, she gets upset, feeling something has gone terribly wrong. Tears stream down her face as Vincenzo’s phone keeps going to voicemail. Meanwhile, Vincenzo looks over one of his attackers and checks out his phone; he sees the contact “Chairman” and asks who he is, but then Jang Joon-woo and Cha-young turn up. Scenes slow down as Cha-young hugs him. Their feelings for each other are clear.

Cha-young is dismayed because they are meant to be partners, and Vincenzo didn’t tell her what his plans were to lure his attackers and the real boss. Vincenzo then reveals he knows who Babel’s real boss is to bring a grandstanding finish — in the distance, Jang Joon-woo gulps. Vincenzo looks at Jang Joon-woo, and Cha-young is in shock as she looks at someone she considered a friend and a professional acquaintance. Luring out the real boss worked — Vincenzo played the perfect game. This is going to get f*****g juicy now, folks.

Cinematic and full of action, Vincenzo episode 10 is the best chapter so far, with the stakes in the story intensifying and getting darker.

Plaza musings
  • The residents at the plaza realise that they are a target as well because they are fighting Babel.
  • Luca rings Vincenzo from Italy and explains that someone is in town asking about him; the person enquiring is Korean.
  • Prosecutor Jung visits Vincenzo and Cha-young. He’s fretting because Gil Jong-moon’s death is seen as suicide as well.

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