Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 5 recap – “Localized Heavy Rain”

February 26, 2022
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Episode 5 brings brilliant drama, encapsulating the importance of taking responsibility.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 5, “Localized Heavy Rain,” contains spoilers.

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While this is a romance series, its attempt to take weather forecasting seriously should be admired. “Localized Heavy Rain” certainly understands that human flaws can lead to undesirable results. Romance takes a small step back in episode 5.

Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens with Si-woo and Ha-kyung waking up on the couch together, and then, Ha-kyung realizes she is late for work. And like the last episode, Si-woo receives a distressing call that impacts him. From a distance, Ha-kyung can see the emotional stress on Si-woo’s face and wonders who he was on the phone with, but she doesn’t apply too much pressure for an answer. On the drive to work, Chae Yu-jin rings Si-woo, making audiences wonder if that was the person causing him stress, only for us to experience the twist at the end of the episode. But the real story here is how a colleague catches them both in a car together, and they have to spend the rest of the episode making up stories.

Meanwhile, at work, Ki-jun is mad at Chae Yu-jin for lying about Si-woo. It’s impacted him. She raises how she didn’t want to make him feel awkward, which is a valid excuse, to be fair. Ki-jun does not come across as a rational man, so expect more drama as the episode wear on.

At work, localized heavy rain is the main subject. Si-woo gives his usual expert view on it. Ha-kyung orders the team to do real-time monitoring and analyze data from the last ten years. Um Dong-han is late for work, and the Director-General wants a chat with him. He asks him if everything is okay at home. As we know, Um Dong-han is harboring some serious family issues.

Privately, Chae Yu-jin and Si-woo talk about the situation they are in — Chae Yu-jin is worried that Ki-jun is angry that they used to be together. And then, Ki-jun catches them talking, and he angrily confronts Si-woo, accusing him of dealing with the press when he’s not supposed to. This causes a tense stand-off. When Ki-jun talks to Ha-kyung about Si-woo, he’s surprised that she already knows about Chae Yun-jin’s ex. He then makes the arrogant assumption that Ha-kyung is not over him, so she kicks him in the knee. He deserved that.

Episode 5 then takes a turn; there’s a rain echo over Seoul that looks abnormal, and it was missed in the live monitoring. Suddenly, there’s heavy rain outside. The power goes out in some regions of the city, and members of the public are angry at the weather station for not predicting it. Um Dong-han admits he missed the echo in the real-time monitoring, and Ha-kyung is furious. She tells her team that data analysis and love monitoring is their job. By criticizing the team, she upset her colleague Su-jin. She doesn’t have great leadership over her colleagues yet.

Um Dong-han takes complete responsibility when speaking to Director-General. Ha-kyung presses Um Dong-han privately and wonders if he is bothered that she’s his superior. She believes he’s overstepping his authority, and she knows it’s her job to take responsibility.

Due to the heavy rain, there’s a missing person team at a drainage site. The flooding has caused panic, but there’s a successful rescue, much to the relief of Ha-kyung and Um Dong-han.

The ending

As we reach the end of episode 5, Si-woo receives another call, and he’s distressed again. The call is once again unclear. He then takes out a wad of cash, puts it into an envelope, and heads to a motel. A woman greets him in one of the rooms.

Um Dong-han and Ha-kyung go out for drinks to relieve tension and vent over the oversight at work. The pair laugh and make amends. Um Dong-han admits he’s losing motivation because he doesn’t have a person in his life that motivates him anymore. He then drunkenly explains that he does not have a home.

Ha-kyung takes Um Dong-han to a motel so he can sleep, but she’s shocked to see Si-woo there. They wonder why they are both at the same motel, and then it rains heavily again, adding to the increased uncertainty of the situation. Episode 5 brings brilliant drama, encapsulating the importance of taking responsibility.

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