Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 4 recap – “Visibility”

February 20, 2022
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This is probably the least exciting episode so far, but luckily, the romantic tension keeps the mind occupied.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 4, “Visibility,” contains spoilers.

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Although episode 4 ends with a twist, there’s not much going on throughout. This is probably the least exciting episode so far, but luckily, the romantic tension keeps the mind occupied.

Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens up with Si-woo narrating about “prevailing visibility” analysis as one of his first jobs at the weather station. He explains what lack of visibility means and how it leads to narrowed and distorted vision. Of course, once again, this is illustrative for the theme of the episode — what people can see is different from what people know based on what’s in front of them. In the present day, Si-woo is irked that Ha-kyung did not reply to his message. Flashbacks appear to reveal Ha-kyung rejecting him and offering a reminder that they are colleagues.

Anyway, in terms of a weather theme, visibility is a problem in episode 4; due to thick fog, there’s a nasty car crash on a highway, which has caused casualties. The weather station discusses the incident, and Ha-kyung feels they gave enough warning. Meanwhile, Chae Yu-jin talks to a colleague, wondering why Korea does not do local fog warnings. She’s asked to criticize the weather station in a new article. And so, she asks Ki-jun if she can interview a colleague about it, but he expresses they are too busy.

In the last episode, Ha-kyung had to escape a restaurant, so she was not seen with Si-woo. In episode 4, colleagues ask Si-woo questions about seeing him at the restaurant. They are convinced they saw a woman escape via the kitchens and believe it is someone Si-woo is dating. They press him about it, leading Ha-kyung to disrupt the conversation and ask Si-woo to compile a fog report — throughout the entire episode, colleagues find the tension between Si-woo and Ha-kyung strange. Si-woo believes that Ha-kyung is putting up a wall. The tension between them carries into work as they both have a stark difference in opinion on the type of warning that should be issued on the fog.

Chae Yu-jin feels under pressure to write her article on fog warnings, so she asks Ha-kyung for her time. She asks her why Korea does not issue specific fog notices. Ha-Kyung states it is difficult due to the localities where the fog can take place, and she becomes irked that Chae Yu-jin is angling on a negative story for the weather station.

When Ha-kyung returns home, she finds herself looking at photos of Si-woo, seemingly unaware of how absorbed she is, and accidentally rings him. She immediately makes the phone call about work and asks for more reports regarding the fog. The next day, Si-woo gives her all the reports she asked for.

Chae Yu-jin’s article spreads like wildfire around the weather station, and Ki-jun is criticized for allowing this to happen. Interestingly, Ki-jun is conflicted with his feelings — it’s almost like he’s wondering what life could have been with Ha-kyung. Anyway, Ha-kyung confronts Chae Yu-jin about the article and states that she misquoted her. She argues that she lacks the knowledge of why Korea struggles to do specific fog warnings, which is shared among experts globally and cites the peninsula and the mountain ranges. Ki-jun turns up, and Ha-kyung believes he knew the article was coming. Surprisingly, Ki-jun does not argue and admits it is his fault — he promises to take care of it.

After this commotion, Ki-jun is angry at Chae Yu-jin; he believes she should have done her research. He then reveals how he knows about her past with Si-woo — this relationship is breaking down at pace. Ki-jun then asks Ha-kyung to write a document so they can refute the article that Chae Yu-jin published.

As we approach the final quarter of the episode, the truth behind Ha-kyung and Si-woo’s relationship is revealed. Late in the night, Ha-kyung rings Si-woo to help with her work. Throughout the night, Ha-kyung keeps ringing Si-woo for advice. Eventually, Si-woo gets tired of doing the work over the phone, so he heads to her place with pizza so he can help out directly. They immediately enjoy each other’s company.

The ending

Si-woo eventually falls asleep, and Ha-kyung admires him. A flashback shows that Ha-kyung kissed Si-woo when he revealed her feelings for her. It’s an extension of the scene where we were led to believe she rejected him.

The next day, Ha-kyung tells Si-woo that she’s not putting the apartment up for sale. And then, she warns him that if their colleagues find out about their romance, it is over between them. This is clearly a foreshadow for what’s to come — surely colleagues will find out. Si-woo then narrates about visibility again as scenes of them working together throughout episode 4 unfolds, but this time, their secret romance is clear — visibility of what we can see is important.

As the episode ends, Ha-kyung realises she’s late for work. Meanwhile, Si-woo receives a call and he looks worried about who it is before answering it.

Additional points

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