Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 2 recap – “Sensible Temperature”

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 13, 2022
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Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 2


Episode 2 brings brilliant break-up drama and the spark of a new relationship in a chemistry-filled storyline.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 2, “Sensible Temperature,” contains spoilers.

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Episode 1 brought heartbreaks, and episode 2 presents the mess that follows. Having workplace relationships is always risky, and the second episode demonstrates why. So far, Forecasting Love and Weather is working in its stride with the storyline.

Forecasting Love and Weather season 1, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens up with Ha-kyung; she is dismayed and distraught at Han Ki-jun’s actions after seeing him having an affair. She calls off the wedding, but she is alarmed at how easily Ki-jun accepts the situation. In the present day, Ki-jun is being an arsehole about their break-up. Later on, she bumps into Si-woo, and they have a petty disagreement about room temperature in the restaurant they are in. Episode 2 gives the audience a wide view of the characters’ personalities.

The next day, Si-woo struggles to get into work as he has forgotten his ID, but Ha-kyung helps him. Ha-kyung considers the overseas role in Switzerland for the World Meteorological Organisation. This seems like a sensible option considering her ex still works at the weather station, but instead, she focuses on Si-woo, and tells her boss how impossible it is to work with him after learning he is joining her team temporarily.

And the problems arrive early on in episode 2; Si-woo argues with the Senior Forecaster about why the airmass keeps dropping in the sea. Ha-kyung takes a diplomatic approach and asks both of them to consider all variables. Later on, they discover an odd weather phenomenon, so Director Han Ki-jun delivers a press conference. His new partner, Reporter Chae, asks a question on the phenomenon, which instantly causes tension in the room as Ha-kyung looks on. After the press conference, Ki-jun and Ha-kyung argue about splitting their assets and finances. Luckily for Ha-kyung, Si-woo saves her from the conversation.

Realizing that Si-woo is in the same office, Reporter Chae talks to him privately. She’s annoyed that they are in the same workplace and thinks he followed her here. She then raises how Ki-jun does not know they used to live together, which irks Si-woo as she wants to keep their past a secret. Ha-kyung watches from afar as the pair have this conversation, realizing that she and Si-woo have been heartbroken by the same affair.

When Ha-kyung heads to her old apartment, she remembers a good memory with Ki-jun before packing more things and leaving. And then she’s immediately irritated, learning that Ki-jun is scamming people with the sale of their television; she’s getting the blame for it.

The next day, Si-woo brings up the “elephant in the room” and talks to Ha-kyung about their exes. He explains how he did not feel heartbroken by the affair because he wants his ex to be happy. Ha-kyung calls her ex a loser. Si-woo believes she should not take the job in Switzerland to avoid her ex. This is sound, mature advice.

Later on, Si-woo claims he can smell ice and has a theory on dropping temperatures with the airmass. At work, they explore his theory that blocks of ice in the sea from last year are only just thawing, which is causing drops in temperatures. It’s a promising finding that turns out to be true. But then, Si-woo cheekily reveals to Ha-kyung that he didn’t smell the ice but saw data earlier that day to support his theory.

As we approach the last act of episode 2, it gets feisty. Ha-kyung slaps Ki-jun at work and asks him if he’s sorry for what he did and then reminds him that they spent ten years together. Ki-jun argues back as colleagues gather around, and he claims that she constantly looks down on him. He argues that she is selfish for wanting to take everything. Ha-kyung becomes confident and breaks down how she sold the apartment and how much he gets in finances (7% with the deduction of the money he scammed off her). And then, she reveals she is not going to Switzerland because she will be a director at the weather station.

This was a glorious moment for the character — she proved she will not be taken for a fool.

The ending

Episode 2 ends with a new romance blossoming.

After work, Si-woo invites Ha-kyung out for a drink. They enjoy their drinks and conversation; Si-woo offers Ha-kyung space to talk as she divulges the likes and dislikes of Ki-jun. She admits she didn’t mind the negatives of Ki-jun. She then declares she’ll never date a colleague ever again.

However, the following day, while hungover and naked, Ha-kyung wakes up next to a naked Si-woo explains how they both agreed to be intimate with each other after drinking and that it was nice. Scenes correlate to Si-woo’s explanation, showing both characters hook up. Ha-kyung tells him that what happened was an incident and that it should not happen again — she asks for them to be mature about it and forget it happened.

But Si-woo cheekily has the last word — he tells Ha-kyung that he’s fully assigned to her office for good, and it is no longer temporary — he reveals they will be on the same team. Walking away from a shocked Ha-kyung, Si-woo asks if they can be “mature and cool about it” before walking off.

Let the games begin.

Episode 2 brings brilliant break-up drama and the spark of a new relationship in a chemistry-filled storyline.

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