Vincenzo episode 8 recap – Mr Han and Choi Myung-hee fight back

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 14, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 8


Episode 8 is funny for the most part, as the leading lawyer is put into a scenario that makes him nervous — the chemistry is growing between the characters as we reach the halfway stage of the series.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Vincenzo episode 8 contains significant spoilers.

Episode 8 opens with Vincenzo watching the residents of the plaza overthrow Park Seok-do’s men — a straight continuation from the last episode. They all get arrested. Vincenzo and Cha-young head to the police station to free them; they show video proof of Babel starting it first. Afterwards, the plaza celebrates their victory. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Cha-young is gaining feelings for Vincenzo.

Jang Joon-woo asks for the funds back

The villain continues to be angry in episode 8, but there’s a fight from his lawyers to make it right.

Jang Joon-woo criticises Choi Myung-hee and Mr Han, but Choi Myung-hee fights back, stating how she’s going to win no matter what. She’s frustrated and wants to win. Jang Joon-woo is impressed with her desire to get closure and tells her to keep that devilish spirit of hers. He’s annoyed that they’ve lost funding because of the plaza and asks the lawyers to get the funding again.

Choi Myung-hee and Jang Joon-woo have a meeting with Vincenzo and Cha-young. The war of words continue to be traded, and what’s telling is how Jang Joon-woo always looks impressed by Vincenzo. Meanwhile, Chairman Jang Han-seo learns how the banks refuse to negotiate with Babel due to recent incidents.

A sore spot for Vincenzo

Oh Gyeong-ja’s condition is deteriorating so Cha-young and Vincenzo head over to see her in the hospital. Vincenzo is struggling with this moment, knowing he is her son. Cha-young tells her they are going to hell, and Vincenzo offers to pay for her treatment and gets frustrated when she rejects it. Afterwards, Cha-young and Vincenzo secure a “stay of execution” for Oh Gyeong-ja. We keep wondering whether Vincenzo will ever tell her that he is her son.

Securing funding

Choi Myung-hee gets to work in episode 8; her eagerness to beat Vincenzo is evident — she wants to ensure she wins.

Choi Myung-hee meets Shinkwang Bank president Hwang Min-seong (the son of Chairman Hwang Deok-bae) and asks them to provide funds for Babel; she blackmails the president as she has a case on him. Hwang Min-seong gives in and agrees to fund Babel. Afterwards, Hwang Min-seong visits Oh Gyeong-ja and tries to give her money for health and her funeral. His father sexually assaulted Oh Gyeong-ja before she went to prison for murdering him. She suddenly attacks him and accuses him of letting her rot in prison. Cha-young speaks to Vincenzo and tells him that they must stop the investment from Shinkwang Bank.

Charming the president

And then Vincenzo episode 8 becomes a comedy at the expense of the lead character.

They dig dirt on Hwang Min-seong and learn of his dating history with men. They want Vincenzo to act gay and get close to him. Vincenzo joins the president at a horse riding place and pretends to be a man named Tae-ho. Cha-young keeps on persuading Vincenzo to be charming. This mission makes both lawyers get closer to each other as Cha-young can see how handsome Vincenzo is.

An alarming bombshell

Vincenzo sits with Hwang Min-seong at the bar and tries to charm him. The charm turns into drinks with each other, and Hwang Min-seong gets closer to Vincenzo; he talks about his father sexually harassing a housekeeper (Oh Gyeong-ja) who pushed him off her, and he died after impact; he describes how his mother was secretly watching through the door and didn’t call 911; if the ambulance came in time, his father wouldn’t have died — his mother wanted to lead the bank.

Episode 8 drops a massive piece of evidence for Oh Gyeong-ja; Vincenzo now knows there is a witness.

Vincenzo “dumps” Hwang Min-seong

Hwang Min-seong and Vincenzo end up at an amusement park together, acting like a couple. After a full day, Hwang Min-seong asks Vincenzo what’s wrong as he senses he is down. Vincenzo tells him that they can’t see each other anymore because he crossed the line by talking about work. Hwang Min-seong chases after him, but Vincenzo tells him to leave him alone. Later on, Hwang Min-seong stands outside Vincenzo’s office, heartbroken. This segment of the chapter is so funny, mostly by Vincenzo’s reactions; he hates what he is doing.

The signing ceremony

Eventually, Vincenzo meets Hwang Min-seong outside and tells him that he knows he cares about him. Afterwards, Choi Myung-hee, Jang Joon-woo and Mr Han end up at the opera house for the investment signing ceremony between Shinkwang Bank and the Babel Group; they are irked to see Cha-young as well. Flashbacks show Vincenzo telling Hwang Min-seong that if he cared, he would show sincere action. He’s guilt-tripping him.

Vincenzo holds up his phone at the opera house that says “I love you,” and Hwang Min-seong sees it. Hwang Min-seong refuses to sign the deal. But then, Hwang Min-seong’s mother, the chairwoman, heads on to the stage and completes the signing ceremony. Choi Myung-hee conjured this backup plan and met the mother beforehand, sensing that Hwang Min-seong had a weakness.

The ending

Afterwards, the plaza residents traumatise Hwang Min-seong by putting him in a room and pretending they are zombies; the man runs out of the room and sees Vincenzo and goes to him for comfort. With all cameras on them from the press, the police turn up and tell Hwang Min-seong that he’s under arrest for assault and blackmail after a tip-off from Vincenzo.

Choi Myung-hee tells Cha-young that she should lie low if she doesn’t want to end up like her father. Cha-young asks the reporters to gather around them and tells them she is the daughter of the late Hong Yu-chan, a lawyer who died in vain while fighting against Babel. She explains that she will expose every single corrupt deed that Babel committed, including its connection with the prosecution team. As Vincenzo and Cha-young walk away, they smile at each other. They are forming a chemistry-filled companionship.

Vincenzo episode 8 is funny for the most part, as the leading lawyer is put into a scenario that makes him nervous — the chemistry is growing between the characters as we reach the halfway stage of the series.

Side notes
  • Choi Myung-hee meets chief prosecutor Hwang Jin-tae after finally agreeing on a deal with him. She’s told to look after Mr Kim’s scandal that irks her, but Mr Han agrees that they will do.

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