‘Traitors’ Episode 6 – The Finale | TV Recap

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 24, 2019 (Last updated: March 26, 2019)
Traitors Episode 6 Recap - The Finale


Traitors Episode 6, the finale, is provocative and violent, bringing the story to a satisfying conclusion.

This recap of Channel 4’s Traitors Episode 6 – The Finale contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

Desperate times call for desperate measure in Traitors Episode 6, the finale of this twisted, dark and sometimes violent post-war thriller. The Americans have caught on quick that Feef (Emma Appleton) and Jackson (Brandon P Bell) murdered Rowe and discarded his body. One of Rowe’s colleagues confidently hurts them both, spitting racist comments at Jackson. His confidence is born from his leverage. Due to their fear, he can get them to be spies for free.

Feef has nothing to lose at this point, so hands herself into the government, confessing that she’s been blackmailed by the Americans and the Cabinet hold a Russian spy. The Americans and the British view Feef as a disposable resource, and are both willing to play it out despite the risk placed on her. She becomes a double agent.

Traitors Episode 6 becomes progressively violent with every minute. Feef needs to find a way to survive, so gives the mole a visit, Priscilla Garrick (Keeley Hawes). She gets an insight into Priscilla’s life, seeing her care for her father who has a range of mental issues. Feef tries to persuade her to stop her allegiance to the Russians, but Priscilla gets passionate about the flaws of capitalism, and that her new belief system will make the world a better place.

There is a knock on the door, and Priscilla lets a fellow Russian man into the house who proceeds to attack Feef and then attempts to rape her. Priscilla tries to help, but her efforts are thwarted. Priscilla’s father arrives on the scene and beats the Russian man to death. At the top of the stairs, Feef asks Priscilla if she knew the Russian man was visiting, and when she half-admitted it she pushes Priscilla down the stairs. You can hear a distinct crack, and Priscilla breaks her leg.

Traitors Episode 6 Recap - Finale

At this point, Traitors Episode 6 becomes a crossfire between the British and the American governments. Considering Hugh Fenton asked for there to be trust from both sides at the start of the episode, the finale proves that deep down, there is zero trust to be had. The British Governmeneedseed as much information on Priscilla as possible, while also weeding out the Americans who rooted themselves into the British government. The new “Rowe” visits the house trying to attain information from Priscilla, who makes him aware that Feef has a wire.

The American grabs Feef and brings her down an alleyway, but before he can get away, he gets shot. Meanwhile, Priscilla drags herself upstairs, kills her father with drugs, before overdosing herself. Feef manages to resuscitated her.

As the finale concludes, the government decide they want Feef to continue working for them on intelligence missions, which means she has to part ways with Hugh, as it is recommended that romance needs to be put aside. Six months later, the Labour party have proposed a solution with the Jewish refugees, and Feef continues to infiltrate and make heartbreaking decisions for her country.

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